11 trends in mens fashion SS 2018


In spring-summer , optical effects, boho impressions, three-dimensional sleeves and, most importantly, colors are the main ocus! Do not forget the legendary night dresses and playful sequins. Blazer Dress Judging by the frequency with which this element appears in new collections, the conclusion is unambiguous — the blazer dress deserves to exist!

It is impossible not to talk about the universality of it: A bold look with stiletto shoes on high heels, a headband and a fashionable chain bag is ideal for the evening, however, it is better to get down from the sky to the ground during the day, replacing the heels with flats.

11 trends in mens fashion SS 2018

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2018 Mens Style Ideas and Trends

Lime manicure gel varnish 2018 photo design trends
What to Wear to Party: best tips look at our website.

Face Rollers: The Beauty Tool You Never Knew You Needed — http://sapphire-fashion.eu/shoes/face-rollers-the-beauty-tool-you-never-knew-you-needed.php

White mens suits SS 2018

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White mens suits SS 2018

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Shorter or rolled pants, double-breasted suit SS 2018, camouflage and military in the Mens Collection SS 2018

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Shorter or rolled pants, double-breasted suit SS 2018, camouflage and military in the Mens Collection SS 2018

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Jacket Bomber SS 2018

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Jacket Bomber SS 2018

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Mens clothing retro 40s and 50s SS 2018

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Mens clothing retro 40s and 50s SS 2018

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Trendy Dresses Spring-Summer 2018

Fashionable mens suits and jackets with stripes SS 2018

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Fashionable mens suits and jackets with stripes SS 2018
The Best Street Style from Pitti Uomo 92

T-shirts with wide bands of mens SS 2018


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T-shirts with wide bands of mens SS 2018

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Milan Men’s Fashion Week SS18 trends
NIKE shoes where to buy and why buy sneakers from Nike90s Hairstyles Are Back, According to the 2018 look at sapphire-fashion.eu.

Low-Maintenance Guide to Keeping Your Hair Color Fresh — http://sapphire-fashion.eu/hair/low-maintenance-guide-to-keeping-your-hair-color-fresh.php

Suits, sweaters, T-shirts, etc light gray, mens jacket with a print SS 2018

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What we learned today at Paris Fashion Week

  • Do not have time to choose other details of the look?
  • The decor is usually notorious or absent, which makes such a design one of the main competitors in the basic spring-summer wardrobe
  • Summer dresses on thin straps The triumphant return of the slip-dress takes place especially in the spring-summer season!
  • And this is superfluous, because the brightness of your dress will tell everything instead of you.
  • A pair of laconic accessories, super high heels and here you go, you are irresistible!

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Suits, sweaters, T-shirts, etc light gray, mens jacket with a print SS 2018

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What Lies Ahead: A Visual Story of Fashion’s Future

Menswear leather ces for SS 2018

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Menswear leather ces for SS 2018
Top Shoe Trends for Men From Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018

Mens Fashion SS 2018: pink jackets are back!

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Mens Fashion SS 2018: pink jackets are back!
11 summer menswear trends you need to know

Vintage 50s Shirt

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Blazer Dress

Charcoal Suit

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Best Jacket Design for Fall Winter 2018-19

Men's suits


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Tonal Dressing
Grace Hartzel Vogue Russia February 20187 Best Flat That Wont Damage look at sapphire-fashion.eu.

What to wear whith sandals in the summer of 2018: a fashion review — http://sapphire-fashion.eu/how-to-wear/what-to-wear-whith-sandals-in-the-summer-of-2018-a-fashion-review.php

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Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Preview

Top Shoe Trends for Men From Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018

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