Alberta Ferretti Spring 2018 Runway


Tying into a navy velvet ribbon at the neck and leaving the fur-lined hood down, Gigi then displayed her naturally stunning and striking features for all to see - which she enhanced with a gorgeous loose up-do and a sultry, smoky eye. Painting the catwalk red: Meanwhile her sister Gigi made a true style statement in a billowing chiffon cape, printed with the image of a traditional oil painting of an Italian city Trendy: The model, who recently brought out a collection with American designer Tommy Hilfiger, proved she could rock a number of different styles in the modern knit, paired with a beaded black maxi skirt which flowed out gorgeously at the hem as she walked.

The old-meets-new theme of the collection was mirrored on the other models - who sported co-ordinating jumpers featuring different days of the week, and equally striking skirts, including a traditional Spanish red number for a touch of vibrancy.

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2018 Runway

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Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2018

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2018 Runway

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Alberta Ferretti Spring 2018 Runway

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Alberta Ferretti

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Alberta Ferretti Spring 2018 RTW Collection

Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 - Alberta Ferretti

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Alberta Ferretti Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Show

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Alberta Ferretti 2017 Spring Summer Womens Runway

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Alberta Ferretti Spring 2016 Campaign
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Alberta Ferretti Ц Fashion Week Milan 2017

  1. Keeping it dark and moody beneath the huge fur, the model wore a black top and intricate leather leggings, with silver buckle-style holes running up and down them Cosy:
  2. Keeping it dark and moody beneath the huge fur, the model wore a black top and intricate leather leggings, with silver buckle-style holes running up and down them.
  3. They seem to be comparing notes whenever they step out together at the moment Sister Gigi was looking just as sleek in a similar black top, and long casual trousers with a white strip up the leg.
  4. They lithely navigated their way through the traffic, surrounded by security guards, and were snapped walking through a quieter cobbled street.
  5. Gigi and Bella have seen their careers go from strength to strength in recent weeks - having jetted over to the fashion capital of Italy from a number of high-profile appearances, such as Versus Versace and Anna Sui, in both London and New York.
  6. Gigi wore a long dark coat and toted a black buckled back over her arm Out of the rat race:

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Alberta Ferretti Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Show

Alberta Ferretti

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Milano Fashion Week Collection

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Alberta Ferretti

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365, Prada Spring/Summer 2018 Advertising Campaign -


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