American Apparel Is Back, but Is It Better?


The controversial clothing company closed all but one of its stores last December after filing for bankruptcy back in October following a huge drop in sales after the departure of its founder Dov Charney in The last remaining store in Camden quietly closed its doors shortly after. The thing is, American Apparel was once really, really great.

Back in its heyday in the mids, it was the place to go for solid basics that stood the test of time — I still have some of the clothes now, lovingly worn in but still intact. Advertisement Advertisement Unless you were, say, above a size

American Apparel Is Back, but Is It Better?

His father, Morris Charney, is an architect, and his mother, Sylvia Safdie, an artist. While at Tufts, he continued to operate his business, but dropped out by to pursue the apparel business full-time. The initial T-shirts were made of simple single jersey and were positioned to compete with the Hanes Beefy-T. He also opened over retail locations in a total of 13 countries:

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American Apparel Is Back, but Is It Better?

Advice for American Apparel: Save the spandex for Halloween and Pride season. Photos via American Apparel. I woke up Monday morning to news that the once-hip purveyor of cotton T-shirts and sparkly spandex had filed for bankruptcy.


Nor was it simulating oral sex with another female member of staff whom he had ordered to pretend to masturbate in front of him. For the exhibitionist Charney, whose excesses are the stuff of fashion-industry legend, to be finally humbled by accounts that are more street corner than Wall Street is, some might think, a bit like Al Capone finally being brought to book over tax evasion.

But whatever the catalyst, it has led to the unravelling of an empire. It is a rags to riches — and back to rags again — story that has the fashion world in its thrall.

American Apparel Is Back, but Is It Better?

Innovation, the Internet, gadgets, and more. March 21 5: I turned down the lights, put on some Barry White, and, over the course of around 2, gyrating words, unspooled my sweet, tender love for the company and its clothes. This one makes it look like you spent a minute considering your wardrobe before you rushed out the door.

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American Apparel is back - but this time things are different

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American Apparel Is Back—But Here’s The Catch

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American Apparel is coming back – but only online

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History of American Apparel

The American History Podcast


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American Apparel
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The rise and fall of American Apparel

  • Their marketing campaigns still ran the same models, just in different clothes, but we were expected to somehow completely and instantly change our appearance — or face being fired.
  • American Apparel Before, we were allowed to be creative with our makeup.
  • Even in the T-shirt realm, where American Apparel had a home-court advantage, it failed:
  • We were given a dress code — piercings had to be taken out, tattoos had to be covered, nail varnish had to be immaculate.
  • Further in that vein, the board said, it had learned of an attempt to possibly suborn perjury in a "pending litigation matter".
  • It has left a toxic soup of contradictions.

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American Apparel is back - but this time things are different

American Apparel: Back from Bankruptcy

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American Apparel’s Dov Charney Is Back With Los Angeles Apparel

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American Apparel Is Back—But Here’s The Catch

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American Apparel

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