Bella Hadid Vogue Spain September 2019


Larger text size Very large text size Ah Fashion Week, those six days when every day is like your year 12 school formal, is over for another year. While the posers, on and off the catwalk, provided entertainment it was the behind-the-seams action that had tongues wagging and people pouting.

Top model Bella Hadid was labelled a "super brat" after it was alleged she demanded to be moved from her hotel and wanted a heavier security detail for her hour trip to Sydney to walk in the Misha show. A label she is also the face of having shot the campaign months earlier. Stefan Gosatti Reports Hadid requested to be moved may have been lost in translation.

Bella Hadid Vogue Spain September 2019

You have read of 10 stories this month 30 day free access to digital issues worth INR Get it now! Her accolades are competing hard with the number of tricks in her beauty bag, and her personal dresser can make even a Sephora shy—can you imagine stocking over a 1, make-up brushes and more than nude lipsticks? It took her seven years since her first-ever post in April , an undying love for beauty and the pure desire to share her passion with the world, to become a beauty blogging superstar.

Gigi and Bella Hadid looking stunning after the runway for the Versace Fashion Show

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Bella Hadid Lands Yet Another September Issue, Fronting Vogue Spain’s Latest

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Bella Hadid Lands Yet Another September Issue, Fronting Vogue Spain’s Latest

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Bella Hadid Poses Naked for the September Issue of French ‘Vogue’

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Bella Hadid | Vogue Paris Sep. 2016 by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott MQ Photo Shoot

73 Questions With Gigi Hadid

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Bella Hadid Poses Naked for the September Issue of French ‘Vogue’

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Bella Hadid

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Gigi's International Vogue Takeover
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Bella Hadid Takes Over Vogue Arabia

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BELLA HADID in Vogue Magazine, UK January 2018


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Bella Hadid had a major wardrobe malfunction on the Alexandre Vauthier runway


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I was recently searching for evil eye on ebay and they have some most gorgeus pieces on there
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thought it was about time we had a shopping thread for them...
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They over did the promotions. I'm sick of this shtick already and the movie hasn't been released yet.
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What the heck do they look like? Any pictures?

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