Dilone Vogue Mexico July 2019


Tweet Share Whether you realize it or not, the legal weed industry is among the fastest growing in North America. Mexico legalized medicinal cannabis in June , while Canada appears to be on the verge of making weed legal for adult purchase by July Not to mention, 29 U. View photos Rows of weed plants in a commercial grow farm.

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Dilone Vogue Mexico July 2019

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Tessa, una millennial en París

Dilone Is All Smiles on Her First Vogue Cover (for Vogue Mexico)

Whether backpacking through the volcanic ridges north of the Central Valley or reveling in luxury on a secluded resort nestled between the Pacific Ocean and a protected rainforest, taking the time to tour Costa Rica will bring unparalleled experiences for both active adventurers and enthusiastic idlers.

The country hosts more than , plant and animal species across 11 Conservation Areas. Local communities help to protect the wild lands and ensure the safeguard of natural resources and natural beauty based on grassroots, sustainable efforts. Panama creates the southern border and Nicaragua runs along the border to the north.


Ever since the Department of Homeland Security started alerting travelers that their state-issued IDs may not be enough to board domestic flights, everybody has had questions. A passport card or book will override all state regulations. Citizens can use their state IDs. Alaska Alaska has been granted an extension through October 10, Afterwards, a passport or federal ID will be necessary to board a plane.

Dilone Is All Smiles on Her First Vogue Cover (for Vogue Mexico)

Sacred sites and medieval villages, lavish churches, and scenery imitating art, the ambiance of Italy derives from a fantastical culture basking in the daily revelries of life, from a simple sip of espresso to the aromas of a slow cooking stew. Playful baroque fountains grace the public piazzas of Rome, and elegant statuary adorns the nave of the Sansevero Chapel in Naples.

The trails of the past take you past the Roman empire to the Greek settlements of Southern Italy and Sicily or along the famous pilgrimage route of Via Francigena, which connected France to Rome during Medieval times. The remarkable history of civilization in Italy dates back to the 18th century BC, but the history of the unified country began in the s during the Risorgimento, during which time Vittorio Emanuele II, king of Sardinia liberated the territories of Italy occupied by the French, Spanish, and Austro-Hungarians.

The aftermath of the Second World War left Italy with a shattered economy and divided society.

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Mariacarla Boscono by Nico Bustos April: Ysaunny Brito by Jacques Dequeker May: Taylor Hill by Terry Tsiolis June: Cameron Russell by Will Davidson September:

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Kim Kardashian rocks sheer number at 2016 Vogue 100 gala dinner


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  1. For centuries, Italy has been one of the most popular destinations for discerning travelers:
  2. Cameron Diaz by Regan Cameron September:
  3. Christy Turlington by Patrick Demarchelier
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  5. The remarkable history of civilization in Italy dates back to the 18th century BC, but the history of the unified country began in the s during the Risorgimento, during which time Vittorio Emanuele II, king of Sardinia liberated the territories of Italy occupied by the French, Spanish, and Austro-Hungarians.
  6. Spend a day in majestic Naples, where the largest historic city center in Europe lies under the daunting shadow of soaring Mount Vesuvius.

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VOGUE MEXICO: Dilone by Katja Rahlwes

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List of Vogue Türkiye (Turkey) cover models


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