Gigi Hadid Kate Moss Stuart Weitzman Spring 2018 Ad Campaign


It also unveiled new initiatives meant to boost customer experience in retail and discussed the management shake-up resulting in the departure of its heir apparent. Percentage gains in international sales jumped in the double-digits. It kicked off its conference calls for investors with further explanations of recent events, which led to the abrupt departure of president Trevor Edwards, long considered the heir apparent to CEO Mark Parker.

While it says no direct charges were made about Edwards, Martin reported directly to him. Parker also detailed new initiatives set to launch soon, including Nike App at Retail, which will debut at stores in Los Angeles and Portland, Ore.

Gigi Hadid Kate Moss Stuart Weitzman Spring 2018 Ad Campaign

Thumbnails Spring Ad Campaigns: In recognition of that milestone, I want to celebrate what the brand has always stood for: The campaign highlights denim, intimates and dresses, as well as fashion footwear. Magazine, Modern Luxury and Refinery

Supermodels Gigi Hadid And Kate Moss Look Almost Identical Despite 22 Year Age Gap

Gigi Hadid and Kate Moss Join Forces for Stuart Weitzmans Spring 2018 Campaign

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Gigi Hadid and Kate Moss Join Forces for Stuart Weitzmans Spring 2018 Campaign

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Gigi Hadid And Kate Moss Front Stuart Weitzmans Spring 2018 Campaign


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Happy 25th Anniversary to Stuart Weitzmans Iconic, Celeb-Loved 5050 Boot Style

Kate Moss: Why She Loves the RESERVE

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Gigi Hadid and Kate Moss in Stuart Weitzman Spring 2018 Campaign

Chatting it up with X Ambassadors Adam Levin

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Happy 25th Anniversary to Stuart Weitzmans Iconic, Celeb-Loved 5050 Boot Style

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Gigi Hadid posts glowing tribute to Kate Moss after the pair shoot shoe advert together
How to Wear a Tie - 16 useful tricksHadid Kate Moss Stuart Weitzman Spring Ad look at

Year in Review: The Best and Worst Magazine Covers 2019

You can view Kate Moss and Gigi Hadids campaign video together in the player below.

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Gigi, Joan & Lily Go Nude for Stuart Weitzmans Spring Ad

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LOOKBOOK: TOMMYXGIGI Spring Summer 2018 Collection

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Spring 2018 Ad Campaigns: Kiton

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Stuart Weitzman Celebrates Regent Street Store Opening With Gigi Hadid

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From Naomi Campbell to Kate Moss


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