Hair Trend: Celeb-Inspired Twist Buns and Nape Knots


We love the flattering centre parting paired with volume at the crown which is one of the very best look to take you into party season. Begin by back combing hair at the crown to give a little lift, and secure the texture with hairspray before you begin to style. And, best of all, it can be worn with any face shape, as the strands are kept so loose. Francesca Saville, director at Taylor Taylor London advises diligent combing as you take your hair into a high ponytail , ensuring that no strand is out of place.

And this hairstyle is no different.

Hair Trend: Celeb-Inspired Twist Buns and Nape Knots

From the glamorous updos, chic french twists to the cool and messy hair styles, these styles are sure to make you look your best for your next big event. While married women wore their hair in a bun, unmarried women wore their hair in plaits. Classic and chic or fun and effortless, hair bun styles are a favorite among celebrities and hair stylists around the world.

Fast and EASY Double Bun Twist

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9 Celebrity-Inspired Nape Knots That Offer Guaranteed Summer Hair Relief

Hair Care Posted By: Thursday, March 10, , I was devastated when my happening bob-cut transformed into a fussy hair triangle after a single wash.


Then again, the fashion lover in all of us simply seems to thrive when those weeks begin to present some of the best and most appealing designer collections on all types of different runways. Of course, we do not look only at the clothing, nor consider only shoes and handbags the main accessories. After all, people will be staring around our faces for the most part, making your work put into the beauty aspect here will certainly not go unnoticed.

One of the most common hair colors noticed all around was the strawberry blonde that showed up on the Jason Wu runway along with many others.

9 Celebrity-Inspired Nape Knots That Offer Guaranteed Summer Hair Relief

Pin it With buns for long hair you can unleash your imagination. Style your locks tousled and disheveled or smooth and sleek. Try waves, curls and poker straight strands in loose knots and edgy buns. Celebrities are ready to share their most flattering and stylish bun updos with you!

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Plaits in hair

By Anush Hovhannisyan Updated on April 29, Even if you are a regular party-goer with an immense experience of dressing up and sprucing up within several hours, things take quite a different spin when it comes to your own nuptial rite. There is plenty of stuff to do yet. Your ideal bridal hairstyle and makeup are no less important and do require long-term reflections, oh-finally moments, decision changing the next day, and increasing panic attacks through the last few days.

The spring bridal hairstyles and makeup looks from the bridal fashion week are not only to facilitate your bridal gown selection procedure but also to serve as a pretty good inspirational source for your beauty frame. Starting from spick-and-span elegant buns and chignons, tousled boho-chic hair moments and all kind of experiments with de rigor braids to blossoming rose pouts and metallic silver accents, the future brides have no lack of beauty ideas in the store.

This style is familiar to women regardless of age, status, and profession. For variations of bun hairstyle itself, there are many styles that women can choose according to the circumstances to be attended. Wavy Hairstyles Simple bun hairstyle indeed will always be one alternative because it has a timeless look. However, use the same style repeatedly will lead to boredom.

This is no different when it comes to their appearance. I wanted to switch things up a bit with this blog and get into the different qualities of Virgo females and their style in general. They like to keep a very primped and polished look when it comes to fashion. I tend to view most Virgo females as beautiful dolls as they usually have a very youthful look and small, petite facial features, a great set of lips, and very pristine hairstyles.

35 Easy Updos For Long Hair

Step-by-step tutorial:

Long Hairstyles 50 Awesome and Trendy Crochet Hairstyles Crochet hairstyles — are meant to be the updos made on the afro-textured hair which is pulled into braids known also as Senegalese or rope twists. The crochet tresses can be styled in the various ways: Take a look at our collection and go for one to try out. High Ponytail Crochet Hairstyle The ponytail is the simplest and edgiest way to keep your crochet tresses off your face.

So whether your searching for a bridal updo, an elegant evening style or a cute look for a cosy dinner date — let these lovely looks inspire you! Medium length hair and lobs are actually perfect for creating evening updo styles that are light and comfortable. Gold tones offer a very flattering range of blondes, like this style with gold-brown roots and mid-gold, dual-blonde balayage.

Seriously, who has the time and energy to spend creating elaborate hairstyles, which fall flat within half a day anyway? Soft waves What better way could there be to welcome warm weather days than with carefree curls and kinks? This season, even the smallest hint of a wave adds oodles of sex appeal to any outfit or occasion. All images courtesy Versace Going casual:

The no-braid braid – 5 pull-through braid tutorials

Man Bun ★ How to make the Famous Celebrity Top Knot ★ Men's Long Hair

Easy curly updo

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Summer Wedding Hair - Our Top 20 Styles

Easy curly updo

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20 Easy Short Haircuts For Women

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AW15 - Five Minute Hair Trends
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Pretty Ponytails

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12 Super Easy Bun Hairstyles You Can Do in Just 5 Minutes

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Hairstyle Trends

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10 Prom Updo Hair Styles – Gorgeously Creative New Looks

Natural curly hair updos

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Twisted Bun Hair Ideas

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Natural curly hair updos

Pretty Ponytails

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Easy curly updo


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Easy curly updo
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Natural curly hair updos

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10 Prom Updo Hair Styles – Gorgeously Creative New Looks

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