How to Master Slicked-Back Hair (aka the Wet Hair Look)


This story is not a fairy tale, and it does not have a happy ending. So, I dyed my hair purple. I just went for it. Right before Halloween in I dyed my hair your favorite color!

How to Master Slicked-Back Hair (aka the Wet Hair Look)

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The Slicked Back, Wet Hair Look TUTORIAL

19 Ways to Master the Wet Hair Look IRL

You might associate it with alpha male corporate warriors and sleazy sales guys in purple suits, but slick back hair can be the perfect antidote to a stale haircut that leaves you wanting something with a bit more punch. By playing with different products to suit the environment, you can also adapt it for weekend adventures when the suit and tie stays in the wardrobe.

This guide will give you a follicular roadmap to achieving a no-grease, no-sleaze slick back.


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19 Ways to Master the Wet Hair Look IRL

Undercut Men Slicked Back Undercut: As you know by now from reading our Undercut hairstyle guide , the Undercut can be styled in 4 main ways, and one of these ways or styles is with slicked back hair. The actual hairstyle name is called the slicked back Undercut. Jimmy Darmody is played by actor Michael Pitt and his Undercut is nicely complemented with slicked back hair.

There are other male celebrity examples with this kind of specific male hairstyle, but Jimmy Darmody really represents what a true slicked back Undercut should look like.

19 Ways to Master the Wet Hair Look IRL

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Verity Jane Smith 1. Croissant chignon No list of bridesmaid hairstyles would be complete without a classic chignon. This is perfect for both bride and bridesmaid, and although it appears complex, this hairstyle is super easy to achieve.

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How To Slick Back Hair

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Similar to the quiff and pompadour, slicked back hair involves applying product e. Some guys like to add volume or texture to their long slicked hairstyle, while others prefer their slicked back hair to sit flat. Whether you have short or long slicked back hair, the overall look is classy and formal, yet sexy and cool.

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FROM MICHAEL SILVA: Slicked Back Pool Hair

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However, not every one knows how to use hair gel properly, much less using it on long hair. To correctly use hair gel, you should first have your hair damp. Hair gel requires moisture to yield its maximum effect, so towel dry your hair after wetting it so that it your hair is damp.

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From slick to textured, pulled back to side-swept, wet-look hairstyles continue to have an impact into Find out which styles to master now. Perfectly slick or unceremoniously textured, flowing free or tied up high. A vast number of styles across the runways in had one thing in common:

Hannibal Heyes Hair Ratings: This episode is distinguished for one of the most truly memorable Hair Moments of the series: It was also noted that he is perhaps the only man in the universe who can wear a cowboy hat pushed to the back of his head attractively.

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7 dapper undercut slicked-back hairstyles that’ll make you get the cut


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Dapper slick back: Men’s short hair how-to

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Men's Slicked Back Side Parts

Layer bob hairstyle:

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19 Ways to Master the Wet Hair Look IRL

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Is Your Hair Right For The Job?

Woman covered in moles is transformed in amazing makeover


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Woman covered in moles is transformed in amazing makeover

WATCH: You Can Do Slicked Back Hair

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