• Video: 10 Super Easy Ways to Tie a Scarf

    Video: 10 Super Easy Ways to Tie a Scarf

    Contributed by Jennifer Andrews , Catalogs. Over the decades, there has been variation in how to tie a scarf to look fashion-forward but not out-dated. There is no one correct way to tie a scarf, rather changing your method according to your outfit type and individual personality is ideal..

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  • Delpozo Spring 2018 Runway

    Delpozo Spring 2018 Runway

    Here you will find velvet and feathers, leather and vinyl, polka dots with an unsinkable classic plaid and checkered print, and a romantic flounces and a very usable denim. A landmark trend is the gradual lengthening of dresses, because this season mini is presented not that massively as before, but midi and maxi dresses appear in all their glory. Of course, this is a fabric for evening dresses, but over time designers have learned to make velvet more practical, adapting these dresses to casual style..

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  • The most fashionable decorations on spring-summer 2019

    The most fashionable decorations on spring-summer 2019

    Blog What is Trending Flower trends are constantly evolving. Here we link you with information and topics impacting the world of changing flower trends, flower types, floral varieties, flower colors and floral design styles and arrangements.

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