Margot Robbie US ELLE February 2018


FashionLady FashionLady Like always we sincerely and loyally began exploring the magazine covers and the beauty, glamour, and fashion that we stumbled upon was absolutely breathtaking. Every magazine cover had a definitive theme, an interesting discussion to unfold and of course the display of the skill sets of beauty experts, photographers, and stylists.

For the cover image, the ladies dressed to nines in metallic shades and fancy metallic accessories. Marc Holm, the photographer, captured the beauty, elegance, and charm royally.

Margot Robbie US ELLE February 2018

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Margot Robbie Warms Up Our February on ELLE’s Summery Cover

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Margot Robbie Warms Up Our February on ELLE’s Summery Cover

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Harper's Bazaar Australia


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Margot Robbie Elle Brazil Magazine February 2018

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Margot Robbie on the red carpet: See the 'I, Tonya' star's best gowns

Suite Française

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Penélope Cruz – Elle España Photoshoots – February 2018

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Harper's Bazaar Australia
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Breaking Today News - Makeup free Margot Robbie in Los Angeles

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Margot Robbie flashes the flesh as she poses topless in seriously stunning photoshoot

Margot Robbie on the red carpet: See the 'I, Tonya' star's best gowns

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Margot Robbie In Louis Vuitton – ‘I, Tonya’ London Premiere

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Cover Shoot: Margot Robbie for ELLE February 2018

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Margot Robbie flashes the flesh as she poses topless in seriously stunning photoshoot

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