Shayne Oliver Makes His Helmut Lang Spring 2018 Debut


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Shayne Oliver Makes His Helmut Lang Spring 2018 Debut

Which designers will last? Supriya Lele, A Sai Ta returned for second seasons, Matty Bovan concluded his journey with the initiative with his third show before he branches out into a solo outing in February. Harry Evans and Charlotte Knowles were the two designers debuting on the schedule. Spring marked her first runway show, which enlivened her work.

Helmut Lang Spring Summer 2018 Runway Collection by Shayne Oliver

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Shayne Oliver Makes His Helmut Lang Debut With a Bondage-Inspired Spring 2018 Collection

Continue reading the main story Best of all was Abraham Boyd, a Detroit-born singer spotted by the director Spike Jonze a year and a half ago, singing in Central Park. In celebration of 50 years in business, the show took place in the garage where Mr. Truth is, there are still scrawny, fledgling labels operating on a shoestring with more gusto than business plan, and they still make New York Fashion Week their home.


Altec Lansing Press Contact: Daniel Rasmussen drasmussen framenoir. Twenty years on, Traci has propelled herself into a rapid-fire succession of independent film and TV roles. Today, she is as frank and funny as ever.

Shayne Oliver Makes His Helmut Lang Debut With a Bondage-Inspired Spring 2018 Collection

Why did you decide to put your label Hood By Air on standby? Was it before or after being contacted by Helmut Lang? I put HBA on standby in January There was a lot of miscommunication between the business side of things and the management — a lot of the decisions were made in this very panicky way, and no one created a real business system within HBA.

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8 things not to miss at this New York Fashion Week

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Fashion Week can oftentimes be a play-world where real-life rules whiz out the window: But that veneer has cracked. Though the runways have always reflected the times in some way, has been an especially oppressive year.

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The Top 10 Moments of New York Fashion Week

Is This Hood By Air's Last Spring/Summer Collection?

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The Next Generation of Fashion Designers Prove that New York Is Still Magical

Chanel fall-winter 2018-2019 fashion show seen by Mehdi Mendas

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The 100 Most Eligible Bachelors: 2018

Helmut Lang


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5 Looks from the Helmut Lang Show

The reason why Hood By Air is having a fashion hiatus

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Helmut Lang Seen by Shayne Oliver Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2018 New York

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“Today everyone is becoming a brand, there are no more designers.” Interview with Shayne Oliver

Helmut Lang Got a New Menswear Designer With Serious Experience

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The Styling Tips

Chanel fall-winter 2018-2019 fashion show seen by Mehdi Mendas

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Helmut Lang Got a New Menswear Designer With Serious Experience

The Highlights of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2018

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