The 11 Best DIY Coconut Oil Hair Masks


Aloe vera gel has potent antimicrobial properties. It soothes and cools down inflamed skin, controls any scalp infections and nourishes hair follicles to promote hair growth. For best results, use pure aloe vera gel extracted directly from the plant. Rosemary oil nourishes hair follicles and also promotes blood circulation in the scalp, leading to faster hair growth.

Extra-virgin coconut oil nourishes and hydrates — 1 tablespoon Aloe vera gel soothes and nourishes the scalp — 1 tablespoon Rosemary essential oil promotes hair growth — 5 to 7 drops Step 1.

The 11 Best DIY Coconut Oil Hair Masks

Contact Author All-natural and organic homemade hair masks nourish the scalp and hair roots. Making a homemade hair mask is not only very cheap but also very easy—all you need are a few simple kitchen ingredients. My grandmother always said that hair is like a precious seedling:

4 DIY Coconut Oil Hair Masks For Your Hair Type

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Beauty DIY: 11 Amazing Coconut Oil Hair Masks to Whip Up Tonight

A little corny, sure— but with more than a little truth behind it. A good or bad hair day can totally make or break your entire 24 hours; your hair is a powerfully emotional and personal thing! The point is, it makes sense to take care of your hair. Healthy, shiny hair is always goals but weather, heating tools, and processing can take its toll, leaving you with frizzy, oily or damaged hair.


Contact Author Is your hair dry, damaged and withering away? Are you looking for all-natural easy hair treatments to liven up your dull locks? Using totally simple ingredients that you can quickly fetch from your kitchen, you can create amazing hair masks to bounce your dry hair back to life! Moisturizing Hair Mask for Dry Hair Using just two kitchen ingredients, you can whip up a nourishing hair mask that will feed your dry hair with vitamins and healthy fat, transforming it into a silky mass of lustre.

Coconut oil is well known for its wonderful hair moisturizing and conditioning properties.

Beauty DIY: 11 Amazing Coconut Oil Hair Masks to Whip Up Tonight

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99 Hair Problems and a Homemade Hair Mask Ain’t One

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10 DIY Coconut Oil Hair Masks For Extremely Dry Hair

1. Moisturizing Hair Mask for Dry Hair

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DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask

DIY Coconut Oil Hair Cream FAST GROWTH!!

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Coconut Oil Hair Mask (and how to get it out of your hair)

Useful Tips:

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6 Best Coconut Oil Hair Masks to Solve All Your Hair Problems

Homemade Hair Masks for Damaged Hair


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DIY: Top 5 Easy Homemade Hair Mask Recipes for Beautiful Hair
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The Best Homemade Hair Masks (8 All Natural DIY Recipes)

DIY: Top 5 Easy Homemade Hair Mask Recipes for Beautiful Hair

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Homemade Coconut Oil and Honey Hair Mask

Homemade Hair Masks for Damaged Hair

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What Are the Roles of the Key Ingredients Used in the Recipes?

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Coconut oil

Embrace Messy Hair

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What Are the Roles of the Key Ingredients Used in the Recipes?

Homemade Hair Masks for Damaged Hair


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1. Milk and Honey Mask

2. Coconut Oil + Avocado

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99 Hair Problems and a Homemade Hair Mask Ain’t One
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The Best Homemade Hair Masks (8 All Natural DIY Recipes)

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Step 1: Mix Ingredients Together


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