Your 9 Most Annoying Hair Problems, Solved


Everyday wear and tear plus harsh hair habits including daily blow drying, wielding hot tools like curling irons and getting chemical straightening treatments punish your strands. Rather than putting up with a slew of self-esteem-blowing bad hair days, you can take smart steps to handle these hairy situations.

Breakage Most breakage occurs from everyday wear and tear. Everything you do to your hair — brushing, blow-drying, styling — can tear it. Treat your hair like a delicate silk blouse and go easy on the vigorous brushing, scorching heat and tight clips.

Your 9 Most Annoying Hair Problems, Solved

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Your 9 Most Annoying Hair Problems, Solved

My makeup brushes ruin in no time! You might not be cleaning them often enough. Letting brushes sit with product on them for too long can permanently damage the bristles, says makeup artist Fiona Stiles. She suggests washing them once a month with dish detergent, which breaks down the oils and pigments that build up in the hairs.


Frizzy hair Fight the frizz factor with our tips. The frizz factor may be one of the most common hair problems women face. And humidity only adds insult to injury in many cases. From unruly fly-aways to all-out voluminous, messy frizz, it can all ruin any chance of a good hair day.

To tame the beast, start at the beginning right after a shower.

Your 9 Most Annoying Hair Problems, Solved

Experts answer your most pressing beauty questions. Shop at stores with generous return policies, says Stiles. Keep the receipt and return products within time limits CVS will refund within 30 days of purchase. Duane Reade is testing out computers that allow you to try on cosmetics virtually.

The five most annoying summer hair problems solved

2. Unruly curls

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Fix Your Most Annoying Hair Problems With These Solutions

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Your Hair Problems Solved

My makeup brushes ruin in no time!


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20 Most Annoying Beauty Problems Solved

My makeup brushes ruin in no time!

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How to Get Rid of Annoying Body Problems

The five most annoying summer hair problems solved

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Your Hair Problems Solved

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20 Most Annoying Beauty Problems Solved

You're not the only one suffering from summer hair woes

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1. Breakage

2. Thinning

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What to do?

We’ve found the quickest and the best ‘problem’ hair advice from those in-the-know...


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2. Unruly curls

You're not the only one suffering from summer hair woes

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You're not the only one suffering from summer hair woes

How to Fix Your Most Annoying Underarm Problems

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