Zara Fall 2019 Ad Campaign Steven Meisel


Gli abiti che indossa appartengono alla collezione Pre-Fall della maison. Burberry presenta la Collezione Regent: In tutte queste storie, gli occhiali della collezione Frames of Life si riconfermano nel ruolo di inseparabili compagni. Sportmax ha scelto Mariacarla Boscono come volto della sua nuova campagna.

Zara Fall 2019 Ad Campaign Steven Meisel

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Zara celebrates the beginning of Autumn 2017 with new campaign

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to wear whith a fur 32 in street style look at

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Steven Meisel Delivers Another Flawless, Luxe-Looking Campaign for Zara

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Steven Meisel Delivers Another Flawless, Luxe-Looking Campaign for Zara

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Zara Fall Winter 2017-2018 Campaign By Steven Meisel

Zara Woman Campaign by Steven Meisel

Fashion. Beauty. Business.

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Zara Releases Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign Shot by Steven Meisel

Zara FW17-18 Woman Campaign: Collection 02

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Zara Fall/Winter 2017 Campaign


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Zara Spring 2018 Ad Campaign Steven Meisel
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ZARA Spring 2018 Campaign By Steven Meisel

  • Guardate il video di backstage.
  • Tra i protagonisti, Joe Jonas.
  • Le tre new faces sono state fotografate da Jurgen Teller.
  • Gli scatti sono stati pubblicati in esclusiva su Vogue.
  • Mica Arganaraz e Xavier Buestel sono i protagonisti della campagna di Sandro.
  • Luigi and Iango hanno realizzato i seducenti scatti che vedono la super top in topless tra le braccia del modello Chris Moore.
  • Continuano, inoltre, a essere svelati gli autoritratti di Steven Meisel provenienti dal suo archivio privato.

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Prada cast a black model for the first time in TWO DECADES

Spring Summer 2016 ad campaigns

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Zara Spring 2018 Ad Campaign Steven Meisel

Zara Fall/Winter 2017 Campaign

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Campagne pubblicitarie moda Primavera Estate 2016

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Zara FW17-18 Woman Campaign: Collection 02


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Zara Fall/Winter 2017 Campaign

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Fashion. Beauty. Business.

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Loewe Men’s Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Gucci’s 2016 Ad Campaign shot by Glen Luchford

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Zara united states


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'We're all just passing time, and occupy our chairs very briefly'...a touch cynical, but very accurate! Part of the reason why we shouldn't settle for anything beneath our standards. Not worth the time.
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I get approached all the time with resumes, etc. for assisting jobs and occassionally an internship so I know what I look for.
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Charlotte Casiraghi attended the ‘Art Afrique, Le Nouvel Atelier’ Exhibition Opening at Fondation Louis Vuitton on April 25, 2019.
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Marchesa S/S 2018 New York
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La Treve de l'Eau

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