American Horror Story Costume Designer Lou Eyrich Doesnt Love Halloween but She Knows How to Dress for It


Aug 23, Photo: She is sworn to secrecy. She has Emmys in and for her costume design work on American Horror Story and this year received another nomination for her work on American Horror Story: I have to say, this season of all seasons was visually beautiful.

American Horror Story Costume Designer Lou Eyrich Doesnt Love Halloween but She Knows How to Dress for It

The two lament the problems that the murderous ghosts are leaving them with. Liz and Iris inspire Sally and Will to release their urges through other means. Liz discovers she is terminally ill and decides to die in the Hotel so she will be with the other ghosts and vampires, whom she considers her family.

'American Horror Story: Hotel' ­Costume Designer Lou Eyrich ­- Variety Artisans

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‘American Horror Story’ Costume Designer Lou Eyrich Doesn’t Love Halloween but She Knows How to Dress for It

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‘American Horror Story’ Costume Designer Lou Eyrich Doesn’t Love Halloween but She Knows How to Dress for It

A stylish crowd turned out at the modernist complex on Beverly Drive for a special preview of American Horror Story: Eyrich herself cut a striking figure at the event. American Horror Story is an American anthology horror series created and produced by Ryan. Like Ryan says, she makes it all iconic and makes it beautiful.

It makes it so easy to get into the character.

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The two lament the problems that the murderous ghosts are leaving them with. Liz and Iris inspire Sally and Will to release their urges through other means. Liz discovers she is terminally ill and decides to die in the Hotel so she will be with the other ghosts and vampires, whom she considers her family.

After becoming a ghost, Liz visited by Tristan, who stayed invisible while she was alive so that she could live her life.

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'AHS: Hotel' designer explains the Countess' daring fashion

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Lou Eyrich On the Costume Designs of ‘AHS: Hotel’

Going Gaga over set, costumes for ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

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