Beauty Trend: How to Wear Lip Gloss in 2018


Gloss adds a sexy shine to your lips, but it also runs all over the place and only lasts a short time — not to mention the sticky mess it creates! Many Double as Cheek Stains. Not all stains are suitable for use on the cheeks, so unless the packaging tells you otherwise, assume that it is for lips only. How Do I Choose One? Look for Hydrating Products.

Beauty Trend: How to Wear Lip Gloss in 2018

In other cases, one lip can be different from another. And we all love our lips the way they are. But it is fun to once in a while change them. For thin lip owner, you can try lip gloss that makes your lips bigger.


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16 Runway Makeup Looks That’ll Convince You to Trade Your Matte Lipstick for Gloss

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Long Wear Frosted Matte Moisturize Lip Glaze

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2018 Lip Trends

Lighted Lip Gloss

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Beauty Trends for 2018
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10 Best Nude Lip Glosses

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The '90s Lip Gloss Trend Bella, Rihanna and Emily Ratajkowski Are Obsessed With

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Beauty Trends for 2018

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Matthew Russell Rolston (born March 1, 1955) is an American photographer and music video director. Rolston is known for his signature lighting techniques and detailed approach to art direction and design, and has been repeatedly identified throughout his career with the revival and modern expression of Hollywood glamour.
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Milan Vukmirovic is a creative director for menswear by Port 1961. Vukmirovic has worked for brands including Chevignon, Trussardi and Jil Sander and his first collection will bow for fall/winter 2019. For the first time, Fiona Cibani is passing the baton to a designer who will be fully in charge of Men’s collection creativity. Salem Cibani, Ports 1961 ceo, says: ”Fiona and I are thrilled to have Milan on board, as his menswear perspective perfectly matches the brand’s urban contemporary style”.
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