Blue bottom - stylish top, or what to wear with blue skirt


By Armine Karapetyan Updated on November 28, If you want to make your figure look slimmer or if you are underweight and always aim for a fuller look, there is a very clever trick to play with outfits for this purpose. Everyone knows how much the choice of clothes means when it comes to highlighting or concealing certain parts of our bodies. There are different ways to make every imperfection become an advantage.

In addition to the right combination of clothes that work for this purspoe there is also another point that plays a great role in this aspect.

Blue bottom - stylish top, or what to wear with blue skirt

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How to style Palazzos with Tops

blue skirt: how to wear

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 blue skirt: how to wear

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15 Essential Skirt Styles You Should Have in Your Wardrobe

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50 Foolproof Ways To Wear Your Favorite Pair of Blue Jeans

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Winter's Biggest Trend Has Hit Lingerie, and We Are Here for It

50 Foolproof Ways To Wear Your Favorite Pair of Blue Jeans

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