Double Denim: How to Wear Jean-on-Jean Outfits in 2019


Having worked in the denim industry for over 7 years and lived with an ever growing denim obsession, double denim is one of my favourite combinations. I even take it as far as triple denim, as long as the washes and fits are working with each other. The trick for getting denim on denim right is all in the pieces you choose. What will this blog post tell you? The basic rule of thumb for denim on denim is making sure that the washes and colours are completely different from each other.

Double Denim: How to Wear Jean-on-Jean Outfits in 2019

Solid color, usually navy blue and almost always dark Usually a smooth or fine-surfaced weave Almost always made from worsted wool, hopsack, or wool flannel Often a contrasting button color like brass, gold, mother of pearl or silver Minimal detailing or decorative elements Single 2 button or double breasted — I prefer only single breasted with jeans but if you have the confidence…… well you do what you want.

Wide range of fabric colors — blues, browns, greens, and greys are common. Often patterned, from checks to plaid to houndstooth.

How to wear double denim in 2017

30 Ways to Do Double Denim Like a Fashion Girl

Denim comes in many guises, not just the traditional pair of jeans. After the break, we look at the key denim pieces as well as the jeans styles - from skinny to boyfriend, ripped to patched - to invest in this season. Denim is comfortable, hard wearing.

It can be sophisticated or sexy, clean or rough.


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30 Ways to Do Double Denim Like a Fashion Girl

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21 ways to nail your your denim outfits this Fall – Really!

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A Denim Look For Every Dressed-Down Occasion


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20 Ways To Wear Leather Leggings With Your Outfit


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16 Fresh Ways To Wear A Denim Skirt

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Explore Denim Jacket Embroidery and more!

How do you put your own twist on the 70’s trend? Tell us below!

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How To Wear Double Denim – Ultimate Guide

16 Fresh Ways To Wear A Denim Skirt

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What to Wear With Your Jean Jacket - A Celebrity Guide

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Spring Fashion

Technical drawings

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Fashion details

The Outfit Formulas to Try If You Wear a Denim Jacket 7 Days a Week

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Jean skirt
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What To Wear This Spring

Explore White Shirt And Blue Jeans and more!

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