Fragrance Cocktailing: How to Layer Perfume to Create a Unique Scent


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Fragrance Cocktailing: How to Layer Perfume to Create a Unique Scent

Now for the delivery. Spritz or spill a dime-sized amount of the mist or essence into your palm. Add three or four drops of facial oil and blend lightly, then pat onto skin.

Why does the smell of Perfume is different for each of us?

Fragrance Cocktailing: How to Create a Scent Just For You

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Fragrance Cocktailing: How to Create a Scent Just For You

Whether layering a fragrance to create a unique brand or just for the sake of experimenting with a new personal touch, the process is the same. Layering is a simple idea that opens the door to a million aromatic possibilities. Like any experiment, trial and error is part of the process, which means the path to the creation of the perfectly layered fragrance is likely be strewn with aromas one would rather forget.

Signature Scents and Fragrance Layering Finding that perfect signature scent is an elusive quest accomplished only after significant time and effort.

Layering Fragrances & Cocktailing To Blend The Perfect Branded Scent

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Layer your perfume right! Create a signature scent

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Layer your perfume right! Create a signature scent

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Happy Perfume Day 2018: What is perfume layering and how to go about it

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Cocktails from Perfume Essences

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How To Layer Perfume You Already Own To Create Your Signature Scent

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