How to Wear a Bomber Jacket?


A bomber jacket is a military flight jacket that originated during the First World War when pilots required warm and durable outerwear for flying. Today, the classic jacket is available in an extensive range of styles, fits, and colours. Bomber Jacket Outfits Today, there are many fantastic ways to wear a bomber jacket.

Whether you select a black leather bomber or a brown suede style will seriously affect how you wear it, so be sure to choose wisely.

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket?

Certain versions — like the MA-1 Bomber — have gained notoriety and iconic status, and others feature more subtle design touches. Regardless of origin, great bomber jackets are widely accepted now as a sharp blazer replacement and a suitable outerwear option in just about every fall style situation.

The same goes for spring, when you need a layer to transition to warmer weather. With that being said, it can be tough to pick out just one.

How To Style Bomber Jackets

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Top Outfits In a way, a black bomber jacket is a toned-down version of a black leather jacket. It looks more casual and more down to earth. On the other hand, a black bomber jacket can pretty much be put together with any casual outfit, very much the way white sneakers do.


However, the demand during the early years of the war was so great that the Irvin company engaged subcontractors, which explains the slight variations of design and colour that can be seen in early production Irvin flying jackets. As aerospace technology improved, the altitudes at which aircraft operated increased. The cabins of these aircraft were uninsulated, so a warm, thick flight jacket was an essential piece of equipment for every member of the crew.

The G-1, designed by the U. Their popularity evolved into symbols of honor, adventure, and style.

By Tamar Najarian Updated on February 8, Have you noticed the latest trend of bomber jackets for the spring and summer seasons? We are positive we shall be seeing these for the fall and winter seasons as well, come the following Fashion Week shows, ranging from New York to London, Milan to Paris and more. We rather enjoyed seeing these awesome outerwear pieces appearing on the runways back in September and October, feeling like the new year would bring with it some of the trendiest retro styles yet.

And nothing says retro like a letter or a bomber jacket, aside from the whole s craze, of course. Since the year has already begun and many brands have already released their styles, we have put together a comprehensive list of 10 awesome bomber jackets for that you should invest in if you want to appear hip and fashion-savvy over the next few months when jackets are still a necessary part of our wardrobes and everyday outfits.

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket Like a Street Style Star

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With its military fighter pilot origins, this jacket will instantly give you an injection of attitude. So how best to integrate this iconic piece into your wardrobe? Read ahead for some suggestions… Spring Ahead This Season With A Bomber Jacket Easy to layer over various outfits, bomber jackets are the perfect wardrobe fallback going into spring.

Introduction The bomber jacket is just one of many menswear pieces whose heritage is cemented within the armed forces. Similar to the pea, trench and parka coats, the bomber has a timeless appeal that transcends years, styles and trends; born out of military means and adapted to form part of popular culture. This timeless quality makes the bomber well worth investing in if you have a penchant for classic, enduring personal style — as so many FashionBeans readers do.

There are a lot of options out there — and many of them are questionable. Is it worth the bother? Attitude This is at the top of the list for a reason. But the image is still there, along with the cultural memory of countless tough guys doing tough things, on film and in person.

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket Like a Street Style Star

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15 Ways to Kill It in a Bomber Jacket

Men's Bomber Jackets

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How to Wear a Leather Jacket With Style

20 Style Tips On How To Wear Bomber Jackets

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Lain Zip Bomber Jacket

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Men's Outerwear

Bomber Jackets

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How to Wear a Bomber Jacket Like a Street Style Star

  • This bomber jacket outfit is easy and affordable; we love it!
  • This blush pink jacket is the perfect match with a pair of camouflage jeans because it keeps the military feel without converting it to a masculine look!
  • The front zipper typically runs at an angle, opening wide to form one lapel and allowing the other to fold out from underneath it.
  • Getting bored of your classic black bomber?
  • Wondering how to wear a khaki bomber jacket?
  • Just select a sophisticated style in a neutral colour, such as black.

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Ways to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Style Tips On How To Wear A Bomber Jacket – Bomber Jacket Outfits

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15 Ways to Kill It in a Bomber Jacket

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30 Best Men’s Bomber Jackets

Spring Ahead This Season With A Bomber Jacket

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1. Flower Print Bomber Jacket

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10 Ways to Wear the 2016 Trend of Bomber Jackets

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15 Ways to Kill It in a Bomber Jacket


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