How to Wear Knee-High Socks the Prada Way


That being said, they can also look great on women with tall, skinny legs. Thigh high socks are inherently bold and definitely lean toward the sexy side of chic fashion, even if you carefully plan the rest of your outfit around them. That being said, there are definitely ways to wear thigh high socks without looking trashy.

Balance is key, and pairing the socks with with casual or structured pieces can tone down a night look for going out, to a more casual or conservative outfit. As a general rule, you should avoid wearing them at the office or to formal events.

How to Wear Knee-High Socks the Prada Way

Most accessories, like scarves, hats and jewelry, only accent a look. You can easily remove them if they are inappropriate or miss the mark. Knee high socks, however, make a bold statement.

How to wear - Thigh high socks

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How to Wear Knee-High Socks the Prada Way

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How to Wear Knee-High Socks the Prada Way

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[Trendzilla] How to Remain Ladylike and Stunning in Knee-High Socks

Hysteria By Happy Socks Jane Knee High Socks

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6 Ways To Wear Knee Socks Without Looking Like A Schoolgirl

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Prada Socks

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Accessorizing with Knee High Socks

Are you wearing knee socks above your boots?

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Accessorizing with Knee High Socks

20 Style Tips On How To Wear Knee Socks This Winter

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Hysteria By Happy Socks Jane Knee High Socks

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20 Style Tips On How To Wear Knee Socks This Winter


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Tips for Wearing Knee High Socks

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Tips for Wearing Knee High Socks

Compression socks: the hot new look for winter

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