How to Wear the Suiting Trend (Without Necessarily Wearing a Suit)


The most important quality is a jacket that has a full canvas. A canvassed jacket has layers of material wool, horsehair or camel that sit between the outer fabric and the inner lining of a suit jacket. The style holds its shape after multiple wears and drapes against the body. The second option is a half-canvas, where the tailor canvasses in the more visible top portion of the jacket for superior drape, cutting costs compared to the full canvas.

Alternatively, cheaper suits have a lining that is fused to the fabric, which involves little support and a standard drape.

How to Wear the Suiting Trend (Without Necessarily Wearing a Suit)

Wearing Pink Clothing 1 Wear pink with more neutral colors. Pink looks great, but it can sometimes be difficult to pair it with other colors. Choosing one pink statement piece, such as a shirt, a nice pair of pink pants, or even a pink jacket will look great if you pair it with a more neutral color like white, black, or khaki.

If you wear a pink outfit, try accessorizing with different colors.

How to Go Sockless With a Suit

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How to Wear the Suiting Trend (Without Necessarily Wearing a Suit)

Stay Cool, Look Sharp: And outside the halls of government, plenty of gents think that donning a seersucker suit will make them look like they should be selling ice cream from a truck, or pacing a Southern courtroom. In truth, such concerns are not invalid. A seersucker suit can look like a dated costume or a pair of shapeless pajamas.


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How to Wear the Suiting Trend (Without Necessarily Wearing a Suit)

Some of these looks included in this guide are relatively easy to emulate, while others have a high degree of difficulty. The advantage to wearing a suit casually, as opposed to chinos and a sport jacket, is the same as wearing a suit formally: When dressing down a sport jacket, it is very easy to get too many different colors and patterns clashing and you quickly end up looking like a clown.

Just imagine, if you are wearing chinos and whatever shirt, how would you look if you put on a matching jacket?

The Rules:

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With the basic knowledge of a tailor and few simple tips, anyone can look smart and put together. Just remember that while fashions change year to year, having a high-quality, classic suit can help keep you in style for a long time. Steps Nailing the Basics 1 Choose a charcoal gray or navy blue suit.

Some people will disagree with what this blog dictates is good style, and this blog would most likely disagree with them on what they think is good style. The following are a set of rules that The Fine Young Gentleman stands by. There are some rules that are immutable, such as the one that a man should match the metal of the bit on his loafer with the buckle on his belt with the metal on his suspenders with the buttons on his blazer with the metal of his cufflinks.

Twitter A three piece suit is one of the most useful and versatile items a man can own. In the tailored goods category, it may in fact be the most useful yes, even more so than a blue blazer. The added vest that makes a two piece a three piece allows for a few more combinations that are not possible with the more common two piece suit.

Additionally, there is the practical utility of the extra layer around the torso in that it can provide warmth, which can be ideal in cooler weather. Although a three piece suit is typically a bit of a statement, it does not always have to be so.

30 Amazing Mens Suits Combinations to Get Sharp Look

2 Bonus Tips

Certain environments require certain aesthetics. Choosing to not wear a necktie might not be viewed favorably and could have a severe penalty. For example, certain high-end restaurants require a jacket and tie or your work environment might dictate that the necessary uniform requires neckwear.

Think about the situation.

Over the past few years men have become much more adventurous with their choice of formal wear. Unconventional suit colours like khaki , brown and burgundy have been pushed into the limelight, as men look to separate themselves from the crowd and combat the monotony of getting dressed in the morning. In our previous trend report we highlighted Moncler Gamme Bleu and E.

Men face a critical decision when purchasing pants. Dress pants have two types of finishes at the bottom hems and cuffs. Hems are the most common and men usually recognize this kind of style. Hemmed pants have the bottom fabric folded up inside the pant leg.

10 Tips For Staying Cool In The Summer While You're Wearing A Suit

5 Mistakes Men Make With a New Suit

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How to match your suits with shirt, tie, shoes have a lot of importance. Also, when they change their hairstyles or face styling, their personalities change. Unlike women, men change their get-ups in the sense of every styling methodology that they choose to adopt for themselves.

It represents class, sophistication, elegance and authority. For young men, it represents a transition from adolescence to manhood; for grown men, it solidifies his place in society. The suit is an extension of you and as such, should enhance your features and give you that extra bit of confidence to take on the world.

As a result, you want your suit to fit you just right.

How to Wear Semi-Formal Attire for Men

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How To Wear A Three Piece Suit

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How to Look Your Best in a Suit

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Wedding Suits For Men What not to Wear

  • Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.
  • You want your arms to be allowed to move more or less independently of the suit body.
  • Pick one in a muted, tonal palette such as grey or navy and you cannot go wrong all your existing shirt and tie combinations will still work with the piece, due to its classic colouring, meaning there is no need to over-think how you style it.
  • But what benefits are there to doing that?
  • With its durable but ventilated nature, such garments were prized by men who had to work alongside hot locomotives, engines, and furnaces.

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5 Ways To Look Smart Without Wearing A Suit

Wearing a Suit Makes People Think Differently

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18 Reasons Why Bodysuits Are the New Crop Top

Wear suits with open weave fabrics like high twist wools, fresco, linen, and cotton.

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Dedicated to mens style and fashion.

Failure, A Modern Success Story


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How and When to Wear a Double Breasted Suit: 16 Rules

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