Sweatshirt and Hoodies: what it is and how to wear


December 9th, , I just found my favorite hooded sweatshirt but in order to wear it I have to wear my hair up, which I dont like doing I always found my hip length hair looked ridiculous draped all over my hoodie. I think that if you have super thick hair it can look really good; a friend of mine had iii, hip length hair and when draped over her hoodie it looked like a golden waterfall!

I get horrible tangles on the underside of my hair from the hood too.

Sweatshirt and Hoodies: what it is and how to wear

Posted in Fat Loss , Training I have seen over and over again people working out while wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants, or both. Many people claim that this helps them burn more calories because it heats up their body temperature, and, after all, heat is what really burns the calories. Other people wear them because they say that it helps them prevent injury.

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what to wear with Sweatshirt / Hoodies

Hoodies are the urban answer to the typical pull over sweatshirt, but they come with a built in hood to cover the head. The hood usually contains a drawstring to bring the hoodie in close to the face. Available either with a front zip or in a traditional pullover style, hoodies are popular with young people, especially those in their teenaged years and twenties.

As they have become more popular with a wide variety of age groups, the options for colors, fabrics, and style have increased.


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what to wear with Sweatshirt / Hoodies

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Men's Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Sweatshirt with shorts and mini-skirts

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Sweatshirt with shorts and mini-skirts

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Gap gray sweatshirt material skirt

Sweatshirt in combination with a vest

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Sweatshirt in combination with a vest

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Men's Fashion Hoodie Lookbook

Hoodies combined with a skirt

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Hoodies combined with a skirt
How to wear a hoodie?

A few brands for a future made of nice hoodies

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Sweatshirts and Hoodies for Men

A Few Pretty Great Things


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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Material for Your Hoodie

Mini Skirts

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How To Wear A Hoodie In 5 Modern Ways

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Dragon glow in the dark hoodie for men hip hop Shuffle sweatshirt with hood

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sweatshirts + sweatpants

Suits by style

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Hoodies and scarves?

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Material for Your Hoodie

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