Sweaty Chic: 20 Workout Hairstyles to Wear to the Gym


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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez The star couple was spotted in coordinating gym gear.

Sweaty Chic: 20 Workout Hairstyles to Wear to the Gym

All photos When you need your hair up and out of your face every day for work, you start to want to get creative with how you style it. Being a yoga instructor, I have a few requirements in my hairstyles: Here a few of my favorite ways to style hair so that it can look equally cute while you are sweating away or on a date.

You can do these without any fancy tools or bottles of stuff.


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Sweaty Chic: 20 Gym-Friendly Hairstyles to Try Now

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Dez 01, admin Neue Frisuren 0 What does a gym session mean to you? Is it all about moving in full swing and getting sweat to achieve your fitness goal? Think beyond it, ladies! You do not need to compromise with your styling habits while getting rid of some serious calories.

Sweaty Chic: 20 Gym-Friendly Hairstyles to Try Now

Email Racked has affiliate partnerships, which do not influence editorial content, though we may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. We also occasionally accept products for research and reviewing purposes. See our ethics policy here. The activewear market has exploded in the past few years with countless new workout and athleisure brands — not to mention that just about every fashion retailer has added or expanded its activewear lineup.

Below is our guide to the absolute best places to shop for workout clothes.

25 Hottest Short Hairstyles Right Now

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Sporty hairstyles have come a long way from the banal half ponytails or buns of the past and now look good enough to be worn even outside of the gym. Sporty Hairstyles for Girls on the Go The following athletic hairstyles feature a variety of styling techniques, including braids, twists, buns and ponytails, all of which are versatile enough for the most strenuous of workout routines.

Now get busy and get to styling, ladies! Long Ponytail with Multiple Braids It can be challenging for long hair to find a hairstyle that keeps all of your hair secure without falling out of place. While not as quick or simple as some of the other gym hairstyles, the multiple braids that make up this ponytail are still worth of a try.

September 12, Working out with curly hair is a special kind of ridiculous. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to stop mid-run to put my hair back up in a ponytail because it fell, not once, not twice, but at least half a dozen times. And the best part about the whole endeavor? Sticking my hair in a ponytail leaves me with a big dent anyway.

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22 Chic Workout Pieces You Can Sport Outside the Gym

Activewear from Nike to Net-a-Sporter, and everything in between.

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Where to Shop for Workout Clothes Online

Curly Hairstyles for Gym and Work Outs!

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85 Chic Sportswear Styles

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10 Gym Bag Essentials For Your Next Workout
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All the Best Workout Gear to Help You Start 2018 on a Healthy Foot

  1. And let us not forget the weight woes that bring us down more often, and attack our self esteem and confidence levels sharply.
  2. Simply pull your hair into a middle ponytail and then create a fishtail braid.
  3. Repeat with other side section of hair, then braid the center section.
  4. Your body is the temple of your soul, love yourself on the basis of the person you are.
  5. Your go to workout hairstyle should be:

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All the Best Workout Gear to Help You Start 2018 on a Healthy Foot

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Celebrities Who Look Amazing In Workout Clothes

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