This Is Not a Drill: ColourPop Is Coming to Sephora


Email Sal Ali is the founder of Farsali , a beauty brand best known for two products that you dispense via dropper bottle: Rose Gold Elixir and Unicorn Essence. Rose Gold Elixir is a mixture of oils with bits of karat gold floating in it. Unicorn Essence is a pearly Pepto-pink serum that the company markets as a makeup primer.

This Is Not a Drill: ColourPop Is Coming to Sephora

After having a a conversation with one of my good friends yesterday, I decided it would be a great idea to put together a post on makeup basics. Expect a Youtube video in the near future, as well. I wanted to make sure to address common misconceptions, in addition to putting together a product list. Bear with me, this post may get a little lengthy but you can skim to find what interests you.

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This Is Not a Drill: ColourPop Is Coming to Sephora

Posted in collections by haleybrooke21 Well, I have made a discovery in the past few months. And as promised here is what I have collected from them so far.. Some of these products I am reviewing and some just came in the mail today so I will have to let you guys know more about them later on! This brand is cheap but the pigment is amazing.


I have heard mixed reviews on his highlighters. The reason I will not be buying this palette is mainly because the colors, the swatches and layout just scream Moonchild Glow Kit, which I already own. The only shade I see in here that is not in the Moonchild is the yellow-gold shade, which looks gorgeous, but I would not buy this just for that one shade.

I mean, both palettes have a purple, a green, a blue, a silver and a pink.

This Is Not a Drill: ColourPop Is Coming to Sephora

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Explore Colourpop Eyeshadow Palette, Eyeshadows, and more!

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This Is When ColourPop Will Officially Hit Sephora Stores

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Tati & ABH & Colourpop Cosmetics Coming To Sephora !

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colourpop Makeup

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This Is Not a Drill: ColourPop Is Coming to Sephora

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First Look: ColourPop at Sephora

Beauty Addicts Can Now Rejoice Because Colourpop Is Coming To Sephora

  1. I have only swatched it so far because it was another one that only came in the mail today.
  2. The semi chocolate bar and chocolate bon-bons were basically repeats of the original chocolate bar.
  3. You learn how to make products work for you, and you learn that some products will just never work for you.
  4. This one is really really similar to central perk except its a touch browner.

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This is not a drill: ColourPop just came out with their own Lip Kits

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Beauty Addicts Can Now Rejoice Because Colourpop Is Coming To Sephora

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Here’s How to Achieve a Quick and Easy “No Makeup” Look with ColourPop Cosmetics

It’s all about proper drip technique.


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Just your typical college student writing about life

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