Travel Tips: How to Be the Most Blissed-Out Traveler


Praying Buddhas and Ganesha the lord of good fortune and remover of obstacles are prevalent throughout our villa and the rest of the town of Ubud. We my yoga teacher, the other students and I began our morning talking, laughing and getting to know each other a bit better around a large wooden table over a breakfast assortment of fruit salad, scrambled eggs mixed with veggies, crepe style pancakes, coffee and watermelon juice all prepared by our private helper.

The breeze that blows throughout our open-aired villa is amazing and feels so refreshingly different from the sticky humidity back in Houston. After breakfast, Lauren led the group in a session of pranayama to soften our breath, strong vinyasa flow to energize our bodies and meditation to quiet our minds.

The movement felt so good after a full day of traveling across multiple time zones and reawakened parts of my body that were bunched together and sore.

Travel Tips: How to Be the Most Blissed-Out Traveler

Pack Light and Try Not to Check a Bag This might honestly be one of the best time saving hacks out there -- and for some, one of the hardest to accomplish. But take our word for it: There are tons of guides on how to pack light by either rolling clothes military style, using mix-and-match basics, bringing lightweight fabrics, and paring down on toiletries, so look and learn.

Plus, thinning out your suitcase pads your budget with the money saved on checked baggage fees.


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How to Be the Most Blissed-Out Traveler

Pack Light and Try Not to Check a Bag This might honestly be one of the best time saving hacks out there—and for some, one of the hardest to accomplish. But take our word for it: There are tons of guides on how to pack light by either rolling clothes military style, using mix-and-match basics, bringing lightweight fabrics, and paring down on toiletries, so look and learn.

Plus, thinning out your suitcase pads your budget with the money saved on checked baggage fees.


Summary See your doctor for a complete check-up, particularly if you have a chronic medical condition. If you are taking large amounts of medication with you, then you will need to take a letter of explanation from your doctor. Organise travel insurance with pre-existing illness cover if needed.

If you are concerned about your health, arrange to go on a package tour.

How to Be the Most Blissed-Out Traveler

You should check with the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate having jurisdiction for your specific area of residence for the very latest visa information. If you require a visa, it can be obtained by application to the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate having jurisdiction for your specific area of residence.

Once issued, a visa must be used to enter Brazil within 90 days of its issue date. See the general visa requirements and, if you have any questions, please contact the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate having jurisdiction for your specific area of residence.

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2. Wake Up Early

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This post may contain affiliate links. It all started when I took a one-way flight from Miami to Guatemala City, leaping nervously into the unknown and leaving much of my old life behind while embarking on an epic travel adventure around the world.

Feel free to share your own best travel tips at the end! Did you miss your bus?

Vegan Traveler Interview: Christy from Blissed Out Retreats

It is the best decision that you will ever make

Getty We all dream about travel. Sometimes you just gotta be home for the family feast, but if you have a little wiggle room, push back your travel plans by a day or two or even fly on the holiday itself to avoid long lines and crowded terminals. Check out spring break charts to find the off-season when you can get those desert island vibes.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the airports on your planned route.

March 15, Best Tips For World Travel These are my best travel tips after traveling around the world for more than 6 years. Traveling around the world has always been a passion of mine. Everyone would tell me how crazy I was or would just brush me off. After that trip to the bustling city of Buenos Aires, capital of the now bankrupt Argentina, I realized that it was possible.

I finally had an answer to the question I continued to ask myself over the years…..

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Expert Travel Tips: Backpacking Tips With Gabriel Traveler

1. Patience Is Important

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1. Pack Light (and Try Not to Check a Bag)


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TSA’s Top Travel Tips
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Majorca Travel Guide

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Travel tips for seniors

Saving Money on Tours and Accommodation

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It is the best decision that you will ever make

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2. Mark Your Checked Baggage As Fragile

Saving Money on Tours and Accommodation

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