What to Wear to The Kentucky Derby?


Theme Party Queen Home: It has become one of the most cherished springtime events, rich in ceremony and as much a part of southern American tradition as warm apple pie. History of Kentucky Derby Kentucky horse racing can be traced back to when races were being held in the middle of Kentucky streets and on a number of private tracks located on farms throughout the area.

Several concerned citizens complained about safety issues, and eventually the first race track was built in Lexington in

What to Wear to The Kentucky Derby?

History[ edit ] In , Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. A thoroughbred horse is depicted on the reverse of the Kentucky state quarter Returning home to Kentucky, Clark organized the Louisville Jockey Club for the purpose of raising money to build quality racing facilities just outside the city. The track would soon become known as Churchill Downs , named for John and Henry Churchill, who provided the land for the racetrack.

Kentucky Derby Fashion Do's And Don'ts

Kentucky Derby Dresses

Ladies and gentlemen crowding the stands were busy showing off their over-the-top hats decorated with everything from flowers to feathers, ribbons and even figurines as they watched favorite Orb come from behind to win the race. Clothing choices made by some of the guests were no less eye-catching, with footwear and jackets decorated with horses and racing scenes.

Because of the rain, many participants arriving at the track were forced to cover their ensembles with water-resistant ponchos.


Southern Style On May 2nd , the Kentucky Derby will be years young; since it has been held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky and has grown from a local event to one that is watched worldwide by millions. In this he succeeded. The Kentucky Derby is a southern spectacle rich in tradition; Burgoo, Mint Julep, and the infamous Infield are all terms a first time attendee will become intimately familiar with.

Two events in one, the Derby is both a race and a two week party where fashion takes center stage.

When Hinckle picked up the receiver, he heard the unmistakable voice of Hunter S. Hinckle agreed on the spot, booked Thompson a ticket, wired him expense money, and then set about finding an artist to provide illustrations for the story. Originally, he had hoped to send a photographer to shoot the event, but after haggling with Thompson, he instead hired the English illustrator Ralph Steadman.

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Kentucky Derby Party Checklist

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A Guide for Buying Tickets to the Kentucky Derby The What, Where and When Buying Guide for Kentucky Derby Tickets I was always under the impression that it was nearly impossible to get tickets for the Kentucky Derby unless you were a millionaire, celebrity, or somehow connected to someone in the horse racing industry.

Another option was to write a letter to Churchill Downs and simply request tickets, but there was a slim chance that you would be one of the lucky ones whose request was granted. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

View all brands Stand out from the crowd with Gold Coast Couture. Browse our selection of Kentucky Derby hats for sale. Our selection makes it easy to find the right hat for any occasion. When you want Kentucky Derby style hats, you can find exactly what your heart desires here.

Southerners take their Spring outfits and traditions seriously and that is especially true at Derby time. When it comes to the Kentucky Oaks and Derby, bright and bold is best. Part of the storied tradition at Churchill Downs is viewing beautiful women in large, oversized hats accompanied by their dates in color-coordinated ties or vests. Crisp, clean suits and flowing dresses are the norm regardless of wind, rain or sleet.

However, while dressing up is an important key element of the Kentucky Derby experience, it is also crucial to be comfortable and mix fashion with function.

What to wear to the Kentucky derby, the Oaks,a reception etc - Louisville Forum

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Kentucky Derby hats: What to wear to the race

What NOT to Wear to the Kentucky Derby

Mint juleps, jockeys and jaunty hats: Inspiration for your Kentucky Derby outfit

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Kentucky Derby and Oaks Fashion: Insider Tips

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How To Dress For the Kentucky Derby: Your 60 Second Visual Guide

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What to Wear to Your Kentucky Derby Party
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What to Wear

7 Hair Accessories That Are Cooler Than Your Kentucky Derby Hat

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What to Wear to the Kentucky Derby: 33 Head to Toe Fashion Tips

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Kentucky Derby

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Why is the Kentucky Derby so Important?

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How About Hats?

14 Totally Creative Ponytail Ideas to Copy ASAP

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