What to wear whith sandals in the summer of 2018: a fashion review


Some people will disagree with what this blog dictates is good style, and this blog would most likely disagree with them on what they think is good style. The following are a set of rules that The Fine Young Gentleman stands by. There are some rules that are immutable, such as the one that a man should match the metal of the bit on his loafer with the buckle on his belt with the metal on his suspenders with the buttons on his blazer with the metal of his cufflinks.

Thou shall match the metal of the bit on his loafers, belt buckle, suspenders, blazer buttons and cufflinks.

What to wear whith sandals in the summer of 2018: a fashion review

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Top Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer 2018 From The Runway

Tips on choosing and 25 images

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Tips on choosing and 25 images

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5 things about sandals

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5 things about sandals

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What is the difference sandals from sandals

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What is the difference sandals from sandals

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18 Hottest Trends of 2018 ? What To Wear in Spring/Summer?

Fashion sandals SS 2018

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Fashion sandals SS 2018

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Plus Size High Low Long Floral Dress - White - 2xl

How to wear sandals with jeans: 6 stylish images

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How to wear sandals with jeans: 6 stylish images

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Sandals with a skirt or dress


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Sandals with a skirt or dress

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Sandals with shorts: 5 tips on how to wear and look stylish

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Sandals with shorts: 5 tips on how to wear and look stylish
What Color Shoes with a Navy Dress?

Star output: the best images of celebrities with sandals

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Star output: the best images of celebrities with sandals

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1. Match your mood

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Tribal Gladiator Flat Sandals Mauve


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What Color Shoes with a Navy Dress? Dilemma Solved!

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1. Navy Dress with Silver Shoes

Plus Size High Low Long Floral Dress - White - 2xl

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