Best Volumizing Mascaras for Super Lush Lashes


Most mascaras contain the same basic components. Mascara formulas have changed very little over the past 50 years. Pigments dye the formula black or brown, though sometimes ultramarine or other colors are used. Typical ingredient titanium dioxide and iron oxide, chemical compounds that work together to create deep hues.

Best Volumizing Mascaras for Super Lush Lashes

Our winner, Chanel Le Volume , lives up to its name, adding plenty of lash-boosting volume without clumping, which is often a problem with volumizing mascaras. It has a spiky brush with a blend of short and long bristles that are designed to separate and lift. The creamy formula plumps lashes, and in our tests, we really noticed our lashes looked longer and curled upward, too, making eyes pop.

All you need is one coat for daytime or two for a night out.

Best Mascaras for Long Voluminous Lashes!

Found: The Best Volumizing Mascaras for Super Lush Lashes

Tweet on Twitter Mascaras Attachable lashes work, but they often end up looking fake. Using mascara on fake lashes makes them blend into your natural roots. Be it fancy mascara wands or an amazing mascara formulae that coat every last lash and keep them clump free, divine bottles which give you the volume and curl that every lady deserves, we have them all!


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Found: The Best Volumizing Mascaras for Super Lush Lashes

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Mascara 10 Top Picks for Lush Lashes

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Volumizing - Mascara


How We Found the Best Mascara

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The Best Lash Growing Mascara that Makes Your Eyelashes Grow

2. Pick the Right Color

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The Best Vegan Mascaras

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Faking Falsies: The Ultimate Guide to Amazing (and Real) Lashes!

How We Found the Best Mascara

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Volumizing - Mascara

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Lush Lashes: The 10 best mascaras for Asian eyes

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The Best Mascara

How We Found the Best Mascara

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Original Lash

The Best Mascara

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How We Found the Best Mascara

How We Found the Best Mascara


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8 Best Mascaras Approved by Makeup Artists

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Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara, Black 0.34 fl oz (10 ml)

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