Fashion Trend: Shop the Revival of the Wristlet


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Fashion Trend: Shop the Revival of the Wristlet

My Favourite 60s Fashion Trends and Style Icons The 60s was an era of fashion revolution defined by a kaleidoscope of new and unprecedented fashion trends. Peter Pan collars, Mini skirts, shift and A-line dresses and bell bottom jeans were just some of the trends that broke the traditional mold and took the 60s by storm.

It is amazing how till today, designers, stylists and fashionistas still look up to these ladies for inspiration. It is not hard to see why this stylish, preppy chic trend has stood the test of time.

Top Fashion Trends 2017

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The Mini Bag Trend Continues With the Return of the Wristlet

Artfully disheveled looks are making a comeback, reminiscent of the grunge trend of the s. Both men and women find that grunge is a fun trend that is easy to wear. Stylists are going back to this concept in photo shoots and music videos. Even artists and actors on their days on and off the clock are rocking this trend on set and on the street.


Exactly what every girl loves! But we have enough diamond heart pendants and sterling silver link bracelets…. So, this holiday, step out of the jewelry box and gift some unexpected—yet beautiful—gold, silver, hematite or rose gold pieces. Classic with a Twist This classic infinity pendant symbolizes unity, but the rose gold double chain makes it unique.

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The Mini Bag Trend Continues With the Return of the Wristlet

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The new collection overturns the codes of elegance, by playing with fashion staples in a provocative way. Weaving together graphic touches, geometric lines and large, classic shapes, stylistically reinterpreting the silhouettes. The new Prada Mod glasses flaunt an elegant design, highlighted by a sophisticated construction with acetate detailing framed by metal profiles.

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What Ever Happened to Wristlets?

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La Belle Epoque | The Revival of Victorian Fashion

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The ’70s Are Back in Fashion. Again.

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Tignanello Women's Fashion Handbags & Purses


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