LOréal Paris U.K. Fires Transgender Model Munroe Bergorf Over Her Anti-Racist Comments


For far too long, Its been the norm, not the exception. White supremacy and Zionism White supremacy and Zionism are two of a kind, with both modelled on ethnic exclusion. A few pelted it with stones, calling it a hate crime. Many said it did not belong in such a diverse city. What few seem to have noticed is that the flag was raised right alongside an Israeli flag, sharing the same window.

LOréal Paris U.K. Fires Transgender Model Munroe Bergorf Over Her Anti-Racist Comments

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L’Oréal Drops Trans Model After Speaking Out About Racism

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L’Oréal Paris U.K. Fires Transgender Model Munroe Bergorf Over Her Anti-Racist Comments

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L’Oréal Paris U.K. Fires Transgender Model Munroe Bergorf Over Her Anti-Racist Comments

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Birds of a feather: White supremacy and Zionism

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L'Oréal fires transgender model Munroe Bergdorf over 'racist' rant


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L’Oreal fires model Munroe Bergdorf after she blasts white supremacy

Sacked model: 'All white people benefit from racism' - BBC News

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L'Oréal fires transgender model Munroe Bergdorf over 'racist' rant

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Explore al, paris, u.k., transgender, model, munroe, bergorf, anti-racist, comment and more!

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L'Oréal's first trans model Munroe Bergdorf, lost contact 'all whites are racist' Facebook post

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L'Oréal fires transgender model Munroe Bergdorf over 'racist' rant

Birds of a feather: White supremacy and Zionism

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Explore al, paris, u.k., transgender, model, munroe, bergorf, anti-racist, comment and more!

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She would've been a first! Meet the black trans model L'Oreal Paris dropped

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L'Oréal fires transgender model Munroe Bergdorf over 'racist' rant

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