Mica Arganaraz Michael Kors Resort 2018 Ad Campaign


Audience was very excited. Channel resort collection contains almost eighty five look that touch to heart. Traditional Greek culture and modernity blend to form jaw-dropping silhouettes, show notes was fantastic. Creative designer, Karl Lagerfeld, once again bring back the show in capital city Paris.

Mica Arganaraz Michael Kors Resort 2018 Ad Campaign

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Sandro Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign

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Mica Arganaraz Tries Her Best to Be a Michael Kors Girl, Starring in the Resort 2018 Campaign

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Mica Arganaraz Tries Her Best to Be a Michael Kors Girl, Starring in the Resort 2018 Campaign

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Michael Kors Sexy Amber edp 50ml

Ippolita Spring 2018 Ad Campaign starring Kendall Jenner

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Michael Kors Resort 2018 Ad Campaign

Michael Kors Holiday 2017 Campaign

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Michael Kors Women Collection Spring 2018

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Mica Argañaraz


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Michael Kors presents relaxed styles for the Resort 2018 Campaign

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Love From Paris, Karl

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Taylor Hill & Romee Strijd Shine in Michael Kors’ Holiday 2017 Campaign

Mica Argañaraz

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Mica Arganaraz

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DESIGN SCENE STYLE: The Waiting Room by Lola Banet


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Mica Arganarazさんの画像

Natalia Vodianova and Taylor Hill head south for new jewelry campaign

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