Serena Williams US Vogue February 2018


Due to her history of pulmonary embolisms Williams underwent emergency treatment for a life-threatening embolism in , the tennis star quickly alerted a nurse about her symptoms. Vogue writer Rob Haskell explains: The nurse thought her pain medicine might be making her confused. But Serena insisted, and soon enough a doctor was performing an ultrasound of her legs.

Serena Williams US Vogue February 2018

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Serena Williams Tears Up an Airport Runway

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Daphne Groeneveld ELLE Brazil August 2019 —

Serena Williams Lands Her Third Vogue Cover, Posing With Baby Daughter Alexis

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Serena Williams Lands Her Third Vogue Cover, Posing With Baby Daughter Alexis

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Serena Williams loses in doubles, US advances in Fed Cup

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Serena Williams Shares 'Vogue's February 2018 Cover With Her Daughter

Serena Williams Reveals She Had An Emergency C-Section

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Serena Williams Poses with Daughter Alexis for Vogue Cover Story

Stephens beats Muguruza to reach Miami Open quarterfinals

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Serena Williams Covers ‘Vogue’ With Daughter Alexis, Opens Up About Postpartum Complications

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Serena Williams – Vogue US Magazine (February 2018)

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Serena Williams says terrifying health scare almost killed her

  • Minutes later she was on the drip.
  • When she went in for surgery, doctors found that a hematoma had filled her abdomen, a result of the blood thinners.
  • Her primary concern right now is that Serena find a healthy equilibrium.
  • When she went in for surgery, doctors found that a hematoma had filled her abdomen, a result of the blood thinners.
  • Maybe having a baby on the tennis tour is the most rebellious thing I could ever do.
  • Serena loves printing and collating and stacking.

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What Serena Williams’s scary childbirth story says about medical treatment of black women

Serena Williams Poses with Daughter Alexis for Vogue Cover Story

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The Annual Vogue Predict-a-Cover, 2018

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Palm Beach Gardens resident Serena Williams and baby on cover of February's Vogue Magazine

Serena Williams reveals she almost died after giving birth

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Serena Williams and daughter Alexis cover American Vogue

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Cover Shoot: Serena Williams for Vogue February 2018

Serena Williams in new trailer for HBO documentary: 'I'm not done yet'


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After Serena Williams gave birth, 'Everything went bad'

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Venus Williams rallies past Kiki Bertens at Miami Open


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