Sheepskin on catwalks and street style


Trends We do not exaggerate when we claim that every man but also every woman has had at least one leather jacket in his wardrobe. An item that is now considered as a classic garment, a must, something as necessary and basic as a t-shirt or a pair of jeans, the leather jacket is also a garment that is always stylish and fashionable, and never goes out of fashion.

You just need to have a look at the catwalks all over the world and at the collections of the main fashion designers to understand that this piece of item of clothing is held as a must-have and as an object that can inspire both the designers that create it and the people who wear it. Lambskin, buckskin and sheepskin leather hides are the main types of leather used for the creation of jackets.

Sheepskin on catwalks and street style

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A Look At Generation Z Street Style Fashion

Volume oversize sheepskin: how to wear a short sheepskin coat

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Volume oversize sheepskin: how to wear a short sheepskin coat

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Fans' First Love - Charming Michael Kors!

Models wear coats on catwalks

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Models wear coats on catwalks

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Fur is back – would you wear it?

Womens sheepskin medium length: what to wear with a long sheepskin coat?

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Womens sheepskin medium length: what to wear with a long sheepskin coat?

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Sheepskin Coats (17 results)


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How street style influences catwalk trends

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mens shearling slippers

Jennifer Lopez Sheepskin Boots


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mens shearling slippers

Combat boot

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London Fashion Week SS16

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Ugg Rosalind Exposed Fur Knee Boot

Trendy Mink Coats Offer Great Styling

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shearling aviator jacket

Womenswear New In

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The top 22 sheepskin coats spotted on the catwalk

Jennifer Lopez Sheepskin Boots

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White fur coat

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Fashion galleries


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How To Wear It

Jennifer Lopez Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Jennifer Lopez Sheepskin Boots

How street style influences catwalk trends

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Back in the past, I've always said that overalls were never in style and are huge fashion killers. However, there are some who do look pretty nice in overalls. I've always seen them as something babies and children wear and not really nice on teens and adults. I'm not really inclined to say that they are such sweet statements now. A nice twist I've seen in recent times were ladies wearing overalls to cover up tank tops and even bikini tops. They look nice on certain ladies when done right. I used to know someone here in Houston who was about 4'8" and had some Winnie the Pooh overalls (I hate Winnie and just about any other Disney character). She's a little older than me, but looked very young wearing those cute overalls when matched with some dressy oxfords. So there's always a little possibility when worn right.
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