The 34 Best Etsy Shops Right Now


Email this Article Print This Article The key to making the most of Etsy lies in apps, add-ons and integrations that offer features and functionality above and beyond the basic Etsy setup. Etsy Shopping This mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be used to manage basic store features. This app was designed from the ground up for sellers and provides many more store management features than app 1.

Craft Task Manager Craft Task Manager provides dynamic itemized checklists for prepping orders to ship, shipping and profit estimates as well as reporting capabilities. Craftmonkey Craftmonkey lets you create marketing emails to send to your MailChimp lists by dragging and dropping Etsy product images and text into place.

The 34 Best Etsy Shops Right Now

Yes, it is possible! The opportunity that exists online right now is truly amazing and Etsy is the perfect platform for your craft business. No more begging family and friends to help promote your stuff. Etsy gives us the potential to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime.


34 Cool Etsy Shops That Stand Out From the Crowd

Well here is the list of all the things you need to begin! These are just things that I have picked up that the bigger shops have, and that customers notices and appreciates. Also, I made an 8-page workbook that you can print out and check off, so you can keep track on your business and progress.


Brooklyn, NY Most of my experiences with Etsy have been in the positive. Most of the art in my home was purchased off Etsy and many accessories for costumes, vintage decor for parties, or even work related badge reels - all purchased after careful searching from, - you got it - Etsy. I love the flair and uniqueness of the items created from home-grown sellers and feel more comfortable buying from Etsy than Ebay - so I tend to look and see if someone made something on Etsy first, before looking on Amazon.

That being said, the negative instances I have had have been fairly negative.

34 Cool Etsy Shops That Stand Out From the Crowd

What should I sell on Etsy? This blog documents that. There were certainly kernels of ideas, but it took a lot of thinking and a lot of trial and error to decide what I could sell and what people wanted to buy. Are you making something people want to pay for? This is probably the most important question to answer.


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This is like the Rolls-Royce of handicraft marketplace. The homemade products consist primarily of home decor, jewelry, and apparel. The collection is exquisite and huge, it is easy to spend hours here. ShopWindoz ShopWindoz is a pretty niche online marketplace. It is a German registered business and it is popularly known for its innovative and non-mainstream products listed on its website.

I know everyone would love to have 5 extra sales this week! Here are a few tips to get you thinking… 1. Can you find the products easily using your categories? Do you have enough items or options to keep a buyer interested?

Seriously creative name for a series, huh?! I bet you fell out of your chair from amazement on that one! We have have had CRAZY Roostic Etsy shop success so far you guys can stop buying from us anytime now…kidding so I thought I would share my journey in a little blog series.

So here we go with the top 10 lessons I learned in my first months to hopefully help any of you guys out who are just getting started or are thinking about starting up your own shop. In fact, many articles touted that it could take up to two months just to sell one item.

Brand New Etsy Shop – How Do I Get Sales?

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Long ago, in , Etsy was the great new hope for hipster e-commerce, taglined your source for all things handmade. Full of fancy tech and smiling people, it would connect artisans and artists with buyers, redefining the marketplace with a rustic, meaningful patina.

The girl who told me about it emanated patchouli as she moused around my laptop to show me her shop, filled with her handmade, bohemian-esque scarves. It was summer Another freelance job lay on the table, awaiting my tired eyes.

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Etsy Tips: Increase Views with Keyword Tags


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I Opened An Etsy Shop, Now What?

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Etsy Success Tips: What I Learned In My First Month (Or Two) Running An Etsy Shop

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The ultimate guide for starting a sticker shop on Etsy

Create Your Etsy Account

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Making 3000 Sales (or More) on Etsy

  • Are you making something people want to pay for?
  • When I message her to inquire about the delay, she claimed that she was having trouble completing the order — or even contacting me — because of inclement weather and power outages.
  • I was very clear from the outset that I know nothing about sewing, fabrics, etc.
  • There are also extras like return shipping labels.
  • Get creative and try a new idea or two.
  • But hey, if you really believe you have a world-changing idea and the passion to back that up, just go for it.

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Get Found in Etsy Search

21 Ways to Increase Your Etsy Sales

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10 Awesome Vintage Finds from Etsy

1. Etsy Shopping

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14 Etsy iPhone Cases That You Should Buy Right Now

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35+ Best Picks from Etsy


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Laser-Cut Wood Crafts
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This 44-year-old mother used Etsy to save up for her wedding.

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30 Beauty Product Shops On Etsy That You’ll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

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