Trends SS 2018: sports, gold and rock n roll trend


After a decade of cinched waists, full skirts and impeccable hair and makeup, many fashion traditions were broken in an act of rebellion, mirroring the momentous social and political changes of the decade. It was the era where no skirt was too short and no beehive too high. Today, we can thank the decade for culottes, geometric prints and boxy silhouettes.

The essential ingredients of her good-girl-gone-bad aesthetic were lashings of eyeliner, chandelier earrings, mini mod dresses with sheer black tights and a crop of platinum hair — one day to be celebrated by Sienna Miller in the film Factory Girl. Her quintessential rock chick look of thigh-high boots, fringing and skin-tight prints still serves as a source of inspiration for the band and all our wardrobes.

Trends SS 2018: sports, gold and rock n roll trend

By Kieron Marchese 10 August Introduction: Back To The 50s? When I first came across the current and future trend of 50s inspired clothing I automatically thought; bleak and restricted fashion.

Fashion Trends That Are Going To Take Over 2018

Fashion SS 2018 №1: a gold mine

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Fashion SS 2018 №1: a gold mine

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Fashion trend of SS 2018 №2: clothes in sporty style

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Fashion trend of SS 2018 №2: clothes in sporty style

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Women's Fashion Trends

trend №3: fashionable clothing Spring Anniversary of 2018 in style preppy

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trend №3: fashionable clothing Spring Anniversary of 2018 in style preppy

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Preppy Spring Fashion

FASHION TRENDS Spring/Summer 2018 + How to Wear Them ǀ Justine Leconte

hot trend number 4: a shortened fashion top

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hot trend number 4: a shortened fashion top
90’s Fashion (How to Get The 1990’s Style)

fashion prints SS 2018: freedom of creativity!

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fashion prints SS 2018: freedom of creativity!
The Men’s Fifties (50s) Fashion Trend

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90’s Fashion (How to Get The 1990’s Style)

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Rose Gold Hair is the Latest Hair Color Trend

Calvin Klein

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Top 10 Fashion Trends from A/W 2018 Fashion Weeks


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