12 Beauty Resolutions You Should Make for 2018


With just a few days away, pledge to make these beauty resolutions and follow them through for your own good. Always remove your makeup before sleeping This is one tip Bollywood actors swear by. The first step to ensure that your skin stays safe from the harmful effects of makeup is to remove every speck of it before you sleep. This is because your skin rejuvenates in the night and having makeup on only makes the process difficult.

12 Beauty Resolutions You Should Make for 2018

The US alone throws away 25 billion pounds of clothing every. Fast-fashion items are poorly-made on purpose to get you running back for more tank tops once your old ones fall apart. And if you do find throughout the year that there are holes in your wardrobe, shop for items secondhand. Nix plastic water bottles and single-use coffee cups.

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12 Beauty Resolutions You Should Make for 2018

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12 Beauty Resolutions You Should Make for 2018

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18 Beauty Resolutions Every Woman Should Make For 2018


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The New Year Resolutions You Should Make For 2018 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Health & Fitness Resolutions for 2018

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11 beauty resolutions to stick to in 2018

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We’ve finally left 2017 behind, and let’s face it, we’re all thrilled about that


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Beauty Resolutions You Should Make TODAY

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13 Easy Zero Waste Resolutions You Can Make For 2018

  1. Raise your hand if you think Seamless is the best invention since sliced bread?
  2. Share your zero waste resolutions by tagging trashisfortossers in your Instagram posts, and using the hashtag zerowasteresolutions!
  3. Raise your hand if you think Seamless is the best invention since sliced bread?
  4. It just takes adopting new habits.
  5. With just a few days away, pledge to make these beauty resolutions and follow them through for your own good.

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Our 4 Beauty New Year’s Resolutions For 2018 — What Are Yours?

Beauty resolutions you should make in 2018

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6 Things You Should Be Doing To Prepare For A Bomb 2018

2. Set out of your comfort zone

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11 beauty resolutions to stick to in 2018

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2. Regularly clean your pillowcases and bedsheets


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3. Make everyday your runway

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10 Fashion resolutions you should make in 2018

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3. Make everyday your runway


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