18 Best Face Moisturizers for Seriously Dry Skin


To see past the marketing hype and figure out which of our top picks works best for you will depend on a few things: A little bit of the thin lotion goes a long way and instantly hydrates skin without leaving behind any residue. We only wish the bottle held more product and that its ingredients were acne-friendly.

Everything about this cream is luxurious; from its high-end packaging to its velvet finish.

18 Best Face Moisturizers for Seriously Dry Skin

But in the name better beauty shopping, we came pretty close. We scoured the review section of five drugstore websites and averaged the ratings of the top moisturizers found across the board. The six products below have won over the hearts of thousands of dedicated skincare lovers.

Scroll through to see what everyone is saying about the best of the best drugstore moisturizers!

The Best Facial Moisturizers for Dry Skin!

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15 Best Face Moisturizers for Seriously Dry Skin

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15 Best Face Moisturizers for Seriously Dry Skin

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The Best Products To Moisturize Seriously Dry Skin

The 8 Best Under-$20 Moisturizers Our Editors Buy in Bulk

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The 8 Best Under-$20 Moisturizers Our Editors Buy in Bulk

How We Found the Best Face Moisturizer

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The Best Face Moisturizer

Skincare For Extremely DRY Skin

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Face Moisturizers at Walgreens

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6 Drugstore Moisturizers With Stellar Reviews



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18 Best Face Moisturizers for Seriously Dry Skin

Top Products

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18 Best Face Moisturizers

The Best Face Moisturizer

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Different Types of Facial Moisturizers

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The Best Face Moisturizer

The 8 Best Under-$20 Moisturizers Our Editors Buy in Bulk

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Different Types of Facial Moisturizers

All Categories

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The Best Face Moisturizer

How We Found the Best Face Moisturizer


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Different Types of Facial Moisturizers

Face Moisturizers at Walgreens

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The 8 Best Under-$20 Moisturizers Our Editors Buy in Bulk

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The Best Face Moisturizer

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The 8 Best Under-$20 Moisturizers Our Editors Buy in Bulk


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