All the Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week Schedule Changes


Alexander Wang to Shift to Pre-Collection Schedule 17 January Alexander Wang, a designer known for his elaborate runway shows and after-parties last season, he staged a mini-music festival is saying goodbye to New York Fashion Week after his upcoming February show. Following in the footsteps of Proenza Schouler and Rodarte — which both decided to forgo New York Fashion Week, align their main lines with the lucrative sales period for pre-collections when buyers spend about 80 percent of their budgets and show their collections during Paris couture — Wang will present only two mainline collections a year in New York in June and December.

The brand will also deliver product to stores in more frequent, smaller batches. The shift follows the appointment of former Goop and Martha Stewart Omnimedia head Lisa Gersh to the role of chief executive in October. The designer, who had previously taken on the chief executive role, remains creative director and chairman of the board.

All the Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week Schedule Changes

Dates are flexible, as often "surprise" shows will appear a day early, or a day late. Fashion Week Only Paris has released official dates for The intention, of course, is for them to not overlap, so editors can hurry from one fashion capital to the next and make the "important" shows.


Narcisco Rodriguez Is the Latest Designer to Exit the New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 Runway Schedule

Just what is fashion week about, anyway? Is it, as one editor put it, "a snooty scam perpetrated by New Yorkers on poor slobs elsewhere"? Or is it an occasion for designers to present their artistic ideas and try to influence taste? We asked our resident expert, Josh Patner—former assistant designer for Donna Karan and co-founder of the popular label Tuleh—to answer a few of our most burning questions.


Attending a Public Show 1 Choose which designers and events most interest you. If you have specific designers in mind, check their schedule first to see if they have any events open to the public. Sometimes these may be co-hosted with outside brands. If not, visit the general schedule section of the New York Fashion Week website to identify other events by similar designers.

Narcisco Rodriguez Is the Latest Designer to Exit the New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 Runway Schedule

The new season is already shaping up following the Tony Awards. As the curtain comes down on the Tony Awards, Broadway is already gearing up for the new lineup of shows set to light up marquees. Take a look at the list—which is, of course, subject to change as new shows are announced—below. Like the George Orwell novel, the play is set in a dystopian version of what was once Great Britain, where critical thought is threatened by a totalitarian regime.

After learning of her illness, Bessie Taylor attempts to end a year feud with her sister Lee Garofalo.

Fashion Week Schedule

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New York Fashion Week Shakeup: What Designers Are Doing Differently 6: With retail sales in the doldrums, and the immediacy of social media challenging the exclusivity of shows, and the ability of magazines and designers to dictate trends six months ahead, the industry is trying new things to reinvent, which is changing the look and feel of the spring schedule.

Several labels are in transition, with new designers in place but not ready to show their collections yet Raf Simons at Calvin Klein, Monse at Oscar de la Renta. Others are choosing more exclusive, intimate presentations see the appointment-only previews at J.

Email Melissa Teitel thought she was bringing a healthy snack for her team. It was a long day of work looking at samples for the new collection, and Teitel says she bought a bag of trail mix for her co-workers at the fashion house Prabal Gurung to share. Teitel, who was about six months pregnant at the time, took a handful to eat herself.

There you are, relaxing in your favorite ergonomic recliner, flipping channels on your tablet or TV, sipping green juice or espresso or chardonnay, when you come across a program featuring Maria Sharapova, Emma Stone, Charlize Theron and Kobe Bryant. They are sitting on a bench in a cavernous warehouse space, laughing and chatting by the side of a runway, when the camera cuts away to a backstage scene where the makeup artist Gucci Westman and the hairstylist Orlando Pita are transforming Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr into Amazonian goddesses, and maybe just maybe the photographer and Vogue regular Craig McDean is recording it all.

Oh, and the Vine superstar vlogger Cameron Dallas shows up, too. Everyone is being interviewed, and it is as if you are right there, right then, right in the middle of the four-ring circus that is a fashion show.

Fashion Week, Reinvented

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Are Mixed Gender Shows the End of Men’s Fashion Weeks?

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10 Changes to the New York Fashion Week Calendar You Need to Know About

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Everything You Need to Know About the Fall 2018 Shows at New York Fashion Week



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Are Mixed Gender Shows the End of Men’s Fashion Weeks?

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EarthWater Sponsors NY Fashion Week Designer Eva Xu Expanding Its Health & Wellness Platform

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Tom Ford to Show Men’s at New York Fashion Week

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Are Mixed Gender Shows the End of Men’s Fashion Weeks?


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