Christine Lagarde - Style successful woman


Fast forward to the Ladies who occupy the halls of power today, and you will see some welcome changes in attire, if not entirely in attitude. Neutrals still play a major role in their wardrobes, but jackets are more form-fitting and flattering. Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi wear them almost exclusively; however, while they prefer something a bit looser, Lagarde opts for fitted, impeccably tailored versions that flatter her long, lithe body.

Most of her suits are made in the English House of Austin Reed.

Christine Lagarde - Style successful woman

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Christine Lagarde's Most Formative Leadership Lesson

French and head of the IMF Christine Lagarde

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French and head of the IMF Christine Lagarde

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Lagarde keeps IMF job, escapes penalty after negligence conviction in France

facts from the biography of Christine Lagarde

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 facts from the biography of Christine Lagarde

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Christine Lagarde Style

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 Christine Lagarde Style

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Christine Lagarde on the economic impact of the refugee crisis

She's a vegetarian and a teetotaler

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Leading through crisis: The most powerful woman in global finance

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Is this the new power symbol for women?

She's an American Prep School grad


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Sleeves up, ready to work

Dramatis personae

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10 Things You Should Know About Christine Lagarde, The Next Director Of The IMF

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Is this the new power symbol for women?

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Christine Lagarde

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She's an American Prep School grad


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She's an American Prep School grad

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Sleeves up, ready to work

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She's a vegetarian and a teetotaler


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