Diversity Report: Spring 2019 Ad Campaigns


Lions Daily News In , discussions around gender and media have reached a fever pitch. Following a bruising year at the ballot box, fourth-wave feminism has continued to expand. In response to longstanding sexism in advertising, industry leaders such as Madonna Badger are highlighting how objectification of women in advertising can lead to unconscious biases that harm women, girls and society as a whole.

Agencies are creating marquee campaigns to support women and girls.

Diversity Report: Spring 2019 Ad Campaigns

Please refer to Redbook for further clarification. The purpose of the Academic Affairs Board is to coordinate and represent students in all academic matters, with an emphasis on academic advising and success. The board will work extensively in training and facilitate Student Advisory Committees, appointing students to university committees, facilitating the Student Choice Award, and coordinating all aspects of Geek Week.

The board oversees programming in four areas:

Zara Woman Campaign

Diversity Report: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back for Spring 2019 Ads

May 4th, Miu Miu Spring ; Image: Courtesy of Alasdair McLellan At this point, media pressure is but one of several forces swirling about the fashion industry, compelling designers and retailers to embrace diversity in an authentic, consistent way. The slow-to-adapt retail market is flailing.


After all, Diesel did do it first. Others may say that, given the clout of her personal brand, she knows that anything she puts forth is taking it one step further, causing all this necessary conversation, if you will. A photo posted by Caitlyn Jenner caitlynjenner on Mar 10, at 5: Are we looking at an Olympian, an activist, a reality star or all of the above and what would Jenner have you think?

Diversity Report: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back for Spring 2019 Ads

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University Advising

Spring 2018 Marketing Campaign

Gender Bias in Advertising: Findings

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Spring '16 Fashion Ads Are (Slightly) More Racially Diverse, Less Inclusive Otherwise

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Research, Trends and New Visual Language


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Gender Bias in Advertising
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Los Angeles is a city that celebrates diversity and inclusivity

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Indians to remove Chief Wahoo logo from uniforms in 2019

Liepert: A diversity of views won't prevent uniting the right

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Gender Bias in Advertising

Liepert: A diversity of views won't prevent uniting the right

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Not Your Imagination: Fashion Ads Are Overwhelmingly White

Gender Bias in Advertising: Findings

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Research, Trends and New Visual Language

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University Advising

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Liepert: A diversity of views won't prevent uniting the right


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