Fashion Trend: Corduroy Makes a Comeback for Fall 2019


Checks and corduroy also cropped up in full force, signaling a new emphasis on textured materials. Technical gear continued to gain ground this season, illustrated by the popularity of hiking boots and their urban cousins bulky sneakers. Very important comeback of the tailored inspiration, even at Off-White. Tailoring is reappearing as a major trend piece in the wardrobe.

Fashion Trend: Corduroy Makes a Comeback for Fall 2019

Sporty sneakers are currently the mega trend in the field of fashion! Whether brightly colored or completely clean in white sneakers are more popular than ever. But even high fashion brands are catching up and designing their own sports shoes. The questions of all questions are still:

FENDI Fall 2018/2019 Milan - Fashion Channel

The Velvet Trend Got So Huge It Sparked a Corduroy Comeback

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The Velvet Trend Got So Huge It Sparked a Corduroy Comeback

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Fall clothes

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Outerwear Galore Headlines Strong Paris Mens Week


Buyers singled out shows by Thom Browne, Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten and Rick Owens.

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Outerwear Galore Headlines Strong Paris Mens Week

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15 Menswear Trends for Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Autumn 2017 trends


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Corduroys Make A Major Comeback


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15 Menswear Trends for Fall/Winter 2015-2016

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Fall clothes

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Autumn outfits 2017 casual

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Outerwear Galore Headlines Strong Paris Mens Week

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Fall clothes


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