Gigi Hadid Vogue Korea September 2019


Some highlights from the fifth day of Milan Fashion Week womenswear previews for next fall and winter Sunday: The TommyNow Drive collection designed with Hadid was inspired by racing and with many s influences featured bright primary colors that played well off of each other on the runway. Hadid who also has a Hilfiger-clad Barbie doll in her image opened the show with a pair of blue and black leather racing leggings euros and a Hilfiger bandeau top, and closed in a long diaphanous layered maxidress with racing logo prints euros.

It was the fourth collection that Hadid designed with the Hilfiger team, with the first three showing in Los Angeles, New York and London.

Gigi Hadid Vogue Korea September 2019

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Gigi Hadid for Vogue Korea September 2017

Our Forums Cant Decide If They Love or Loathe Gigi Hadids Two September Covers of Vogue Korea

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Our Forums Cant Decide If They Love or Loathe Gigi Hadids Two September Covers of Vogue Korea

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Fashion Week Paris


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'Hotter than hell' Gigi Hadid shows off toned body in see-through outfit for Vogue Korea

Watch What Happens When We Give Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid a Selfie Stick - Vogue

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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik under fire for 'gender fluidity' Vogue cover


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PHOTOS: Gigi Hadid Posts Jaw-Dropping September Magazine Cover Photo

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Why Does Bella Hadid Have So Many September Covers?

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Gigi hadid hair vogue

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Gigi Hadid graces two covers of Vogue Korea

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Gigi hadid modeling


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I, for one, quite liked the cover! I have been waiting to buy myself a for what feels like ages and have not wanted to spend my money on the same Renee, Nicole, etc. I have been holding out for a non-identical and it has finally arrived!... I was really pleased to see Natalie Portman for a change! She is a young, fresh face and a developing talent. I think the cover is really chic, the silver colour scheme is simple as well as elegant. Natalie looks good and I love her new haircut (she and I have the same haircut, which may have something to do with it...) Plus, I have always loved the flapper, Louise Brooks look. I was actually not that thrilled with the content of the magazine itself, but it was just so nice to get a different cover model for a change!...
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