House of Holland Spring 2018 Runway


Remember Those Slogan Tees? A decade ago, the British designer made fashion fun again with House of Holland. But after being dubbed the man to " save London high-street ," what happened to those statement T-shirts? With no formal design training he previously worked at teen magazines , he wished to take his label from a T-shirt company to a full-fledged ready-to-wear and lifestyle brand — similar to that of Tommy Hilfiger, he once told Vogue — but he was unsure of how to get there.

House of Holland Spring 2018 Runway

High boots, stylish and comfortable low boots, pointed pumps and open sandals — all these accessories are fascinated by the radiance of satin and glitter, the unexpected softness of velvet and plush, the futuristic design of the heel and amazing cosmic platform and wedges. Glitter footwear The incredible popularity of silver metallic has led to the fact that shoes with flickering and iridescent glitter becomes an unexpected and non-trivial fashion trend.

If you think that sparkling silvery boots or shoes are only for an evening style, you are mistaken.

House of Holland

Casually and smartly or what to wear with jeans boyfriends?
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House of Holland Spring 2018 Runway

Imaxtree This post has been updated. The problem is not a lack of diverse talent for designers and casting directors to choose from. The problem is that only a handful of designers — most of them in New York — choose to practice inclusive casting season after season. Scroll to see how and if European designers tilted the scales.


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House of Holland Spring 2018 Runway

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House of Holland 2018 Spring Summer Womens Runway

House of Holland


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Everything You Need To Know About London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018

House of Holland SS17

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Dirk Bikkembergs Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

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Pixie Lott In House of Holland – ITV Studios & Loose Women

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Dirk Bikkembergs Fall/Winter 2018 Collection


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Merchant Archive autumn/winter 2018 collection catwalk show for LFW

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really? i've never seen these... do you know of a place I can find photos?
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my goodness @ the 1997 Dior, is that a body builder?!
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