Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 Ad Campaign Steven Meisel


Thumbnails Spring Ad Campaigns: In recognition of that milestone, I want to celebrate what the brand has always stood for: The campaign highlights denim, intimates and dresses, as well as fashion footwear. Magazine, Modern Luxury and Refinery Ads will also run on billboards in key locations, including New York and Los Angeles.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 Ad Campaign Steven Meisel

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 Runway Show

Steven Meisels Joyful Marc Jacobs Campaign for Spring 2018 Gives Us Life

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Steven Meisels Joyful Marc Jacobs Campaign for Spring 2018 Gives Us Life

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Marc Jacobs Debuts Dreamy Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign

Creative Talent Agencies:

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MARC JACOBS Spring Summer 2018 by Steven Meisel

Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 - Behind the Scenes


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Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign


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Spring summer 2016

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Marc Jacobs

The Best Fashion Ad Campaigns of Spring 2018

  • Credits include music is by Crispy Bacon, and artist and composer Laurent Garnier.
  • More than just a location, the house embodies L.
  • The campaign will be accompanied by a video component, which visually portrays emotion through the merging of movement and scenery.
  • The mobile-first campaign, which breaks today, is based on the premise of defying norms and defining new ways to express diversity and individuality.
  • Juergen Teller photographed the campaign, with styling by Geraldine Saglio and creative direction by Atelier Franck Durand.
  • It also gives a nod to Formula One racing pit crews with heritage workwear, loose baggy outerwear, oversized silhouettes and denim details.
  • In recognition of that milestone, I want to celebrate what the brand has always stood for:

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Steven Meisel Captures Marc Jacobs Dreamy Spring 2018 Campaign


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Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign

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Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign

Fashion editorials

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Discover the exuberance, spirit and energy captured in the Marc Jacobs Spring campaign


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Les Heures Fanent by Laurie-Lou for DESIGN SCENE

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Spring 2018 Ad Campaigns: Kiton

Creative Talent Agencies:

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Marc Jacobs Debuts Dreamy Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign

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.. Inspiration, Editorials and Fashion bits by bits!


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