Daisy Ridley UK ELLE Deember 2019


British actress Daisy Ridley is only 23, but the maelstrom that is building around her is nearly 40 years in the making. On December 18, Star Wars: Landing a role in the long-awaited new installment in the epic about that galaxy far, far away would be a game changer for any actress.

But for Ridley, The Force Awakens is not only her first multizillion-dollar tentpole studio extravaganza: And with due respect to Princess Leia and Queen Amidala, this is no damsel role, nor is it that of supportive sidekick to the guys who are really driving the Millennium Falcon.

Daisy Ridley UK ELLE Deember 2019

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Daisy Ridley December Cover Star

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Daisy Ridley Delivers Her Best Cover Yet for UK ELLE’s December Issue

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Daisy Ridley Delivers Her Best Cover Yet for UK ELLE’s December Issue

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Daisy Ridley Says Current 'Star Wars' Trilogy Will Be Her Last


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Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Cast: Mark Hamill Net Worth, Daisy Ridley Net Worth and More

Daisy Ridley in Real Life: How beautiful is she?

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Daisy Ridley

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Daisy Ridley Web


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Daisy Ridley Wears Gorgeous Dresses in ELLE UK

Daisy Ridley – ELLE Magazine UK December 2017 Issue

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Daisy Ridley | ELLE UK | 2017 Cover Photoshoot

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Daisy Ridley – Elle UK (December 2017)

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Star Wars: Daisy Ridley Says She's Done Playing Rey After Episode IX

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