Empire Max Mara: 9 fashion brands


Clothes by Valentino Examples of major Italian fashion houses focused on both menswear and womenswear, but also accessories, are: A few Italian designers head some important fashion brands outside Italy. Among the newest labels or younger designers, the most prominent are Aquilano. History of Italian fashion Fashion in Italy started to become the most fashionable in Europe since the 11th century, and powerful cities of the time, such as Venice , Milan , Florence , Naples , Vicenza and Rome began to produce robes , jewelry , textiles , shoes , fabrics , ornaments and elaborate dresses.

Empire Max Mara: 9 fashion brands

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History Max Mara

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History Max Mara

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Max Mara today

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Some figures about Max Mara

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Some figures about Max Mara

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Big names associated with the Max Mara

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Big names associated with the Max Mara
Italian fashion

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Group Brands Max Mara


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Group Brands Max Mara
Behind closed doors at Max Mara's HQ in Reggio Emilia
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Designers at Work - MaxMara Spring 2011, Milan Fashion Week

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