Grace Hartzel Vogue Russia February 2018


Mary Clarke sat in a St. Louis Cheesecake Factory and scanned the room. As owner of Mother Model Management along with her husband, Jeff, Clarke had kept her head on a constant swivel for 25 years. She was well-known in the industry for having discovered a young Ashton Kutcher in an Iowa bar and supermodel Karlie Kloss at a cattle call for a local charity fashion show.

Grace Hartzel Vogue Russia February 2018

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"Taking It To The Streets" - Americana Manhasset Spring 2017

Grace Hartzel Nails the 80s Inspiration for Vogue Russia’s February Cover

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Grace Hartzel Nails the 80s Inspiration for Vogue Russia’s February Cover

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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Top Model Grace Hartzel Covers Vogue Russia February 2018 Issue

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Teen Model: Grace Hartzel’s Rise to the Runway

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Grace Hartzel poses for the Marella Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign

Versace Women’s Fall / Winter 2018


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Grace Hartzel | Vogue Italia Jan. by Richard Burbridge 2017 HQ Photo Shoot

Marine Vacth Stuns for the Cover of Vogue Russia November 2018 Issue

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Night Out: Grace Hartzel Models Zara FW17 Evening Collection


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Grace Hartzelさんのプロフィール

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Numero Russia February 2018 Full moon

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Fashion & Style Editorials

Grace Hartzel poses for the Marella Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign

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Nudity in Vogue IT

….. Inspiration, Editorials and Fashion bits by bits!

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Grace Elizabeth in Vogue


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Vogue Magazine [Russia] (February 2018)

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