Interior Design 2018: 9 fashion trends


And here is where we can help. What are the trends for the next year when it comes to bathroom design, colors and materials? What will be fashionable, stylish and easy to maintain? What are the latest creations and innovations of the most renowned designers and brands?

Interior Design 2018: 9 fashion trends

Published Jan 1, , Expert shares a few design trends for people thinking about making new homes in Are you planning to buy a new apartment in ?

2018 Top Interior Design Color Trends


Open Concept floor plans This has been on the rise for many years as most generations Millenials, Gen Xers and Boomers prefer an open floor plan, especially where the kitchen and family room or kitchen and dining room are combined into one and the dining room is usually converted to a family room. This floor plan opens up the space and literally makes it larger by removing a wall and adds light and openness to the area.

So, new home buyers look for thisЕor else they convert this space after they close on the home. So, as this space has opened up, homeowners want the same flooring in the kitchen and family roomЕand of course this is usually hardwood flooring or else a hardwood look-alike.


Living Room Colors and Materials The research and exploration of color are worth a time Ч chairs, armchairs, sofas, and accessories were all offered in a wide range of color tones, strong and characteristic, as were even tables and luminaries. So, colors as a trend, which raises a lot of questions Ч which colors, what combinations, in what range?

Well if we keep in mind that often the fashion scene paves the way for furniture design when it comes to color and texture we can assume that in the end a single colorful piece of furniture can accentuate and spin the whole aesthetic of any space. Also notable is the influence of brands that introduce the strong and playful presence of pastel girlie room colors that quickly can become a norm.


Interior Design Tips New year, new youЕand new interior design trends. The colour experts over at Pantone Institute have revealed their colour of the year to be Ultra Violet, a rich and intense purple hue that injects mystery and sophistication into a room. The popularity of jewel tones is set to wane, while warmer colours like shades of red will dominate. These could include hues like burnt orange and bright ruby.

Interior Walls

tropical house plants as an element of decor apartment in 2018

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tropical house plants as an element of decor apartment in 2018

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24 of the Easiest Houseplants You Can Grow

Metal decorative elements in the interior in 2018

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Metal decorative elements in the interior in 2018

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Decorative Interiors Of Laconia Inc - Custom Blinds, Shades, Shutters & More

Kitchen Fashion Trends & Interior Design Ideas 2018

Terrazzo and concrete floor

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Terrazzo and concrete floor

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Color Trends 2018 Home Interiors by Pantone

Decoration ceilings

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Decoration ceilings
Living Room Trends, Designs and Ideas 2018 / 2019

Luxury bathrooms in the interior in 2018


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Luxury bathrooms in the interior in 2018

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Bathroom Trends 2017 / 2018 Ц Designs, Colors and Materials

Pripylenny green - new gray

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11 Home Decor Trends for 2018

  • Published Jan 1, ,
  • Concrete Materials Concrete accents are taking over Marble and granite are taking a backseat this year, with stonework and concrete accents taking over.
  • This is part of an overall trend towards simpler times and nostalgia which has been growing for over 2 decades.
  • Innovative usage of timeless materials Another natural material that brings back the domain of nature into our homes is undoubtedly the wood.
  • Quartz and marbles for counter topsЕespecially light and cool toned ones Marble counter tops have been growing in popularity, especially Calcutta gold, especially among the luxury market.
  • What will be fashionable, stylish and easy to maintain?
  • A fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian style calls for a neutral palette and a light touch of colour.

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Pripylenny green - new gray

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Hottest Interior Design Trends Set To Rule 2018

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Inlay bone (Beautiful to the bone) in the interior

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These 9 Interior Decor Trends Will Be Huge In 2018

Wooden floor - always fashionable classics

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Wooden floor - always fashionable classics

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Residential and Commercial Surface Solutions

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Living Room Furniture Design for 2018 / 2019

Brass Fixtures


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Combinations of natural materials to create something new and exciting

Business Units

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Living Room Colors and Materials

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Warmer Colours

Hottest Interior Design Trends Set To Rule 2018

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Single-Cushion Sofas


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