Isabel Marant Spring 2018 Runway


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Isabel Marant Spring 2018 Runway

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Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2018

Isabel Marant Spring 2018 Runway

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Isabel Marant Spring 2018 Runway

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Isabel Marant - Women's ready to wear show Spring/Summer 2018 in Paris (with interview)

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Funded at 13.03.2018 at 04:26
those wedges are hott, sweetest
Stonefish at 20.03.2018 at 13:12
It's going to be hilarious with their policy of full looks in editorials. But really, it's just a big disappointment. It just got ridiculous cause it's like all they can do is that Americana thing that is awfully pretentious, putting Andy Warhol everywhere and doing those sets by Sterling Ruby that haven't made any sense so far. Oh, and that plumber look... at least this time Lulu could be a firefighter. Even that styling was so wrong on so many levels... It's easily the worst collection of the season so far.
Bunce at 23.03.2018 at 00:14
Is it Tory Burch that she's copied with the first one? She actually owns one in black of whatever brand it is I'm thinking of anyway, and the dangly chain attached to the coin purse is very reminiscent of that. On the original it was just a plaque that sat in a pocket on the bag's outside near the corner there, maybe it's just the way it's styled for that shot but the first thing that came to mind was omg she's ripping off others' designs!
Chyles at 25.03.2018 at 17:50
the good thing about creative intustries is that you dont actually need to be qualified in anything particularly to be good at what you do, its much more about experience
Catorze at 01.04.2018 at 12:15
Does anyone know what style/name these are? I'm trying to find them on ebay or online somewhere...
Brume at 03.04.2018 at 01:09
Because patents have to do with inventions, technology, etc.
Gabriella at 06.04.2018 at 18:41

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